Location: Hannover Germany

Club program:
Opened from: 20:00 until 4:00
Friday 20:00-05:00
Saturday 20:00-06:00
Monday closed.

-Private Apartment, 2 min by walk, max. 3 girls in one room for free, wash machine, wifi etc.

The dancers have to buy their own ticket(airplane/bus/etc.)

Minimum age 18 years
Communicative, serious minded and ambitious
Pleasant appearance
Minimum of english or german language

Daily fix is 50€ , just Friday is 55€ and Saturday 60€, but the girls will receive all of it in their last day of work, only commissions will be paid every day after work.
Private dance:25€(one song) for the girls 10€
VIP Dance:50€(two songs) for the girls 20€
Table dance:50€ for the girls 20€

Little Cocktail:15€ for the girls 5€
Big Cocktail: 30€ for the girls 10€
Piccolo:30€ for the girls 10€
Sekt Bottle:180€ for the girls 50€
Champagne: cheapest is 300€ for the girls 75€
Prices between 300€-850€
V.I.P: 30 min 120€ for the girls 50€
1 hour 200€ for the girls 80€
+ commission % from drinks

Tip money: 50% and the guests can buy house dollars for the girls and they can give them during the stage show or/and after it.

Dress code:
Dancers must be dressed in sexy outfits( lingerie, body, long/short dresses, etc)

Documents: valid ID or passport