Earning potential:

A dance is £20 and club take £6 of that, a dancer can earn up to £500 per night but the average is about £300 per night after fees, so around £1k per week if doing 3 to 4 nights a week. Some times the girls can hit a good customer and ear £1k in a night but it is not always.

1. Dancers must be aged 18 years or older. Before they may commence working in the premises, management should check that the following documents are provided and procedures followed;
a) Proof of age (photographic proof of identity showing date of birth). A copy to be made and kept in individual Dancer files for each Dancer.
b) Proof of address – 2 forms of proof (utility bill, phone bill, V5, Bank statement etc). A copy to be made and kept in individual Dancer files.
c) If not a citizen of the EU community, the dancer must provide proof of permission to work in the UK. A copy is to be kept in the individual dancer’s files.

2. No Striptease of any form may take place if such a performance may be visible to people outside the premises.

3. All Dancers are to complete an Induction process before they may commence working in the premises. Management carrying out the induction are advised that the process should include;
a) To thoroughly read the Code of Conduct and sign to confirm the Dancer has read & understood it – a sign off sheet to be kept in the individual Dancers’ file.
b) Explanation of Stage and Podium requirements
c) Schedule requirements and Changing Room Etiquette
d) Customer Relations and Conflict Management
e) Fire Safety – Health and Safety

4. Dancers may never give out any personal contact information, including telephone numbers, or contact details away from the Club. Dancers may provide a customer with the days and shifts they or other dancers work at the Club.

5. Dancers may never accept any telephone number, address or any other contact information from any customer except in the form of a business card, but may not make use of that information to contact the customer. Before leaving the premises; dancers must permanently surrender all such cards to a member of management (without copying any information).

6. Dancers are never to perform a nude table dance unless in a supervised area

7. Dancers may not use the language of an inappropriate or sexually graphic nature at any time.

8. Dancers may only consume alcohol in moderation.

9. During the performance of a nude or semi nude dance, dancers must not allow any full body contact with the customer.

10. If an attempt to touch, or speak to any dancer inappropriately, the dancer must immediately stop the performance and explain the relevant customer rules. If necessary, ask for assistance from and cooperate with a floor supervisor, who will take appropriate action, which may include escorting the customer out of the Club.

11. Dancers are never to engage in an act of prostitution (to include the receiving of gratuities or payments for any form of sexual favor or offer as such).

12. Dancers must not accept a customer’s offer of payment in return for sexual favors and must report any such behavior to a member of management or supervisor.

13. Dancers must not engage in communications that could be deemed as acts of prostitution or solicitation.

14. Dancers are never to agree to meet a customer outside of the Club.

15. Dancers must never engage in any unlawful activity within the Club.

16. Dancers may never leave the premises during a shift, except in the case of an emergency and then only with the express permission of the duty manager. In that event, dancers must sign out before leaving the premises. If a dancer leaves early, for any reason, the dancer will not be re-admitted during that shift.

17. At the end of the night shift, dancers must not leave the premises until after the customers have departed and then have been cleared to leave by the manager.

18. Topless table dances and full nude table dances may be performed for the pre-determined rate.

19. Whilst performing on stage or podium, Dancers shall not perform any act which is likely to offend the customer and must stop the performance immediately if requested to do so by door supervisors or management.

20. By agreeing to dance at the club, the Dancer accepts that the club may use any recording as the club deems fit and in accordance with the Data Protection Legislation.

21. Any dancer found to be in violation of any of these rules, without exception, will be subject to the cancelation of pre-booked shifts.


The signing of this document signifies that you, the dancer, have read and understood the CODE OF CONDUCT FOR DANCERS and that you agree to comply with the Code of Conduct and the terms and conditions of the Sexual Entertainment Licence and accept the obligations under both of them. This document is in no way designed to restrict your own artistic performance or freedom of expression.