Lapdance is £20

Vip dance rooms start at £60 – £240 per hour.

The club takes a 35% commission from the dances.

We have accommodation apartments if girls need a place to stay in. We offer 1-month free accommodation for new dancers from Europe.

We also take dancers with no Experience and give them training, support, and free accommodation.

Our Clientele is from regular customers and nearby hotels and businesses.

We have a mix of clientele from English, Asian, European all from the Birmingham area


Earning potential: A dance is £20 and club take £6 of that, a dancer can earn up to £500 per night but the average is about £300 per night after fees, so around £1k per week if doing 3 to 4 nights a week. 

Some times the girls can hit a good customer and ear £1k in a night but it is not always.