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The average salary after all expenses is around 1000 euros per week.

One owner has 3 clubs in South Africa, in Johannesburg are 2 clubs And inside a big Resort is another one.

For both Johannesburg and Resort branches entrance fee is R 1200 (75 Eur) per week and the ladies rotate on a weekly basis between 2 or all 3 clubs as per choice but if available they can choose only one club to work at also.

In this case entrance fee stays R 1200 (75 Eur) per week for Club and Resort, but the 3rd club in Johannesburg is R 2400 (150 Eur) per week. Both clubs charge 25% of each dance they perform and Resort 35%

Accommodation and transport if they use it costs R 1750 (110 Eur) per week. Ladies must work a minimum of 4 shifts per week, but most welcome to do more as there is no increase in the entrance fee.

Club one is open from Monday to Sunday
The resort is open from Tuesday till Saturday with exceptions when big functions in the Resort they reserve their right to open Monday or Sunday also. Club two open Tuesday to Sunday. Shift starts at 8 pm till close, which is normally after 4 am. Ladies must go on stage for a “go-go” or “catwalk” it’s basically an introduction of the sort where they dance sexy for 2 songs and Dj announces their names and on the second song they remove their top only. Have in mind that all dances they perform which clients pay for though all clothing is removed (full nudity).

Also, they need to prepare and perform up to 4 shows per week on stage which are 3 songs duration and its full nudity on the 3rd song.

Prices of dances: Table dance R 300 (20 Eur) or R 400 (25 Eur) depending on daily specials. (on the client’s table) no touching allowed Lap Dance R 600 (40 Eur) (private booth) no touching allowed Boobby Dance R 800 (50 Eur) only allowed to touch breasts (private booth) All dances above prices for 2 songs duration which is basically 6 minutes (all our songs cut into 3 min.) Half an hour booking R 1600 (100 Eur) – incl. Boobby dance (Private Vip Booth) One-hour booking – R 2400 (150 Eur) incl. Booby dance (Private Vip Booth). No touching allowed below the waist when performing Booby dance, and no touching on all other dances. Dancers are allowed to drink alcoholic beverages as long as they act or look like ladies, but management reserves the right to forbid it if failed to apply by rules while under intoxication. There isn’t a commission on drinks or food. Dancers are allowed to accept Tips but we do also charge 25% or 35 % from them depending on Venue.