Salary is 40 euros
Drinks 30%
Prices: Cocktail 30€,Piccolo 50€, Asti 70cl 150€, Asti Rose 70cl 180€, Moet&Chandon 300€, Veuve Clicquot 350€, Moet Nectar and Moet Rose 400€, Moet Ice 500€, Dom Perignon 700€, Dom Perignon Vintage 1000€, Crystal 1000€, Armand de Brignac Gold 2500€, Armand de Brignac Rose 3000€, Dances 50%

Table dance (topless) 1 song 30€
Private dance 5 minutes (nude) 45€
Private dance 10 minutes (nude and contact allowed) 85€
Private dance 15 minutes (nude and contact allowed) 120€
Private dance 30 minutes (nude and contact allowed) 200€
Contract minimum of 2 weeks


Club conditions:

* The club is fully renovated and just re-opened

* Fix Salary to dancers are 40 euros

* Consumption: one and a half songs 50 euros 50/50

* Lab dance 3-4 songs from 150 euro 50/50

* On average a dancer during the week earns from 200 to 400 euros per night

* Dancers keep all their tips

* Accommodation is 10 euros per day

* Club will pick up and drop girls from Accommodation to club and back to home

* Club can also pay for visas if needed

* Flight tickets can be credited by the club as well.

Dancers from outside of the EU accepted as well.

Porto 2nd

They have 2 clubs, one in the center of the city another in the surroundings. They area luxurious and refined clubs frequent high-level clients. One in the center of the city and another in the surroundings.

The club is located in Portugal, Porto, in the north of the country, near the Atlantic coast, the weather conditions are pleasant and exceptional in the Summer.

Te deal between the club and the dancer is made thought service installment contract with ending to be agreed by both parts, contract length can vary from 1 month to 1 year.

Fixed Salary: 1200€ month
Payment at the end of each month


40% in the private, 25% in the drinks, price table follows in the annex
Payment of commissions at the end of the week