All payment are made in Norwegian Kroner

A 10-minute private dance costs 1200 NOK for the customer, the dancer gets 600NOK minus VAT of 25% so total 480 NOK

A non-alcoholic ladies drink costs 300 NOK, the dancer gets 140 NOK (60%). An alcoholic ladies drink costs 300 NOK, the dancers get 110 NOK (48%)

25% commission is given on Champagne sold with prices starting from 2100 NOK

The club guarantees 4000 NOK the first week of the contract if the dancer earns below 4000 NOK

The dancer will receive a 50% travel refund of up to 1600 NOK. The dancer will receive this cash on arrival.

All dancers in Norway have to pay a 15% tax according to Norwegian law. 15% will be deducted at the end of every working evening.

Oslo 1st

Conditions for – BAR & NIGHTCLUB ·

Work week is 6 workdays and 1 day off.
· 7 days open, work hours ​21:00-03:30​ .
· No dating with customers outside the club! No phone contact with customers and meeting outside
· Dancing on stage – every 10 minutes one Dancer on stage – 2 songs, 1st song dressed, second song topless and last 15-20 seconds full nude.
· Dancer’s earns from dances and drinks.
Full nude 10 min private dance – price for customer 1000 NOK, Dancer gets 30% what is 300 NOK.

Full nude table dance 1song – price for customer 400 NOK, Dancer gets 50% what is 200 NOK.
· Drinks – consumption: „Lady drinks“ (non-alcohol) price for customer 300 NOK, Dancer gets 30% what is 90 NOK.

Oslo 2nd

The club is a clean full nude striptease club, not an escort club. It is the oldest club in Norway and it is known as the best Throughout Scandinavia. It has been for over 30 years and is still just popular as always.

With us, you must be aged 20 or over to work as a dancer. We have renovated our club in January 2012.

They have regular customers and visitors, customers can order lap dances or a private dance, one can also sit and enjoy the champagne with our dancers. Our social environment is important to keep the club’s reputation, it is an important foundation for our club.