All Club with this company throughout New Zealand are 5-star Gentlemen’s clubs. These 5 star strip clubs provide an amazing environment for their dancers to work in.

The nude female body is a beautiful, seductive and very classy image and exotic dancers can safely and comfortably work in a top-class environment where they can make great money and really enjoy the club at the same time.

They are all gorgeous upmarket clubs, in three of New Zealand’s busiest cities. Exotic dancers now have the choice of working in a number of clubs across New Zealand and we encourage our dancers to let us book you in for a working tour of all the clubs Christchurch/Auckland/Wellington.


This club hires dancers with a work visa, tourist visa, and student visa. The club pays dancers the amount they have earned in cash in full every Wednesday evening. If a dancer sells a vodka drink they get $5, a cocktail $10, a bottle of Champagne $25 (No commissions payable on these drinks prices and paid out in cash every night). Dancers do pole spots in the rotation and get tipped in club money, they pay these out every night in cash after commission).

Dance prices are $50 non touching,10minutes, $100 touching 10 minutes, $150 for 15, $200 for 20, $300 for 30, $600 for an hour. Touching means touching everywhere except the genitalia. No prostitution or drugs are allowed and they are strictly prohibited. Queenstown has customers all year long but is especially busy in New Zealands summer season, which is during Europe’s winter.