The club is in famous building which make famous architect Miro Bizzozero. In 1970. This club is totally advanced with 3 beautiful terrace with panoramic lake view.
In the clubs, since 2016 according to the Switzerland laws can work only girls from European Union countries. Girls from Russia, Belarus or other Asian countries can no longer work legally in Switzerland.

Working Hours :
Mondays – Sunday 22:00 to 5:00
The working schedule of the club the minimum of 6 working days.
The pole/lap dancer receives a fixed salary of 100 CHF per working day.
The hostess receives 80CHF fixed daily salary per day. The payment for drinks and fixed monthly rate is paid to the dancer and hostess monthly.
All girls receives from 8% to 20%
6,999CHF=0 (for club)
7,000CHF – 10,000CHF = 8%
10,000CHF – 15’000 CHF = 10%
15’000CHF – 20,000 CHF = 15%
20,000CHF ………….. = 20%

For one private dance (2 songs) the dancer gets 30%.

The club offer a beautiful home near Lugano Lake.Every room sleep 2 girls , in home have also kitchen so girls can cook.
Cost of accommodation,WiFi,pick and drop from work to home and home to work, 60CHF/ week/girl.

Travel expenses and contract duration:
Girls pay travel expenses. Minimum duration of the contract is 1 month with the possibility to extend it to 3 months.
We can offer taxi service with special prices from

Airport Malpensa 70 chf
Airport Bergamo 80 chf