Luxembourg 1st


IMPORTANT: This club does not allow prostitution, escort service or drugs. Since it’s prohibited by the Luxemburg law.

• Pole dancing on stage ( topless), hostessing ( talking with customers and sell drinks ) and private dances ( no touching private dancing ).

• JOB for dancers.


• Sunday to Thursday: 22 pm to 6 am or 23 pm to 7 am – Friday & Saturday: 23 pm to 8 am. Once a week, the dancer work from 20 pm to 23 pm and from 1 am to 6 am (including a break between 23 pm and 1 am) . 1 or 2 days off per week, the manager arranges.


• The Dancer has a salary of €60 /day. More, the Dancer earns 20% tips from the drinks ( Prices between Cup 30€ to bottle 14000€ ),

Luxembourg 2st

One of The most Luxury Dollar Club in Luxembourg City

The club is located in the city center and is well known as the best club in the area.

Join the team and u get:
60 euro/day as a fixed salary
20% from all drinks sold (prices start from 300 euro up to 10.000)
50% from dollar tips $ (average is 150-200/night)
fully furnished accommodation up to the club for 15 Euro/day
with a safe and clean environment.
Money is paid every end of the week ( Sunday morning ).
Money in advance can be given if need it.

Review from our dancer:

“I recommend this club, I worked there March-April, as someone else said before, the girls are lovely, every girl has equal chance to make money, very chilled out atmosphere… the club also works with the dollar system so you can always make extra cash from that (every day)
The program is usually 8h, I made 5000€ in 1 month not counting the dollars and it was pretty quiet… there were days when almost no one came in”

Luxembourg 3rd

This club is situated in the center of Luxembourg.

Working time: afternoon from 15- 21 and in the night it’s from 21 -6. In the afternoon there are working only 2 girls, 1 one on the week. The minimum length of the contract is 2 weeks. Usually, in the club, there are 8 dancers working.

A fixed salary it s 60 euros for dancers and 50 euros for a hostess. The accommodation is FREE. The commission from drinks is 20%. The glass of champagne is 30 euros, the piccolo is 60 and the bottles are from 300 to 2500.The payment is done one time in the week.

The stage shows are stopless. Dress code it s sexy dresses long/short. Upon arrival, a contract is signed.

Luxembourg 4th

This specific club presents itself as something between a strip club and a dance club.

The system of this club looks like – Dancing on stage (pole dance, topless, strip in VIP area) and drinking with clients, you would have to sit with customers and make them feel comfortable. Once again – strip dancing is required only in the VIP area. Clients in this club are coming to drink and have a great time rather than view a show or have any other services.

You will be working under a legal contract and get health insurance.

The club is open for 7 days. Sunday – Thursday 20:00 – 06:00. Friday till Saturday it’s 20:00 – 06:00 or till the last customer if that customer is paying drinks for you. You would be working 6 days a week.