SALARY 50€ fixed, plus 30% of ur total job(drinks-champagne-private dances)
Payment every Saturday.
Minimal booking period is 4 weeks
43€ are taxes that each employer pays per week.

The working schedule is 6 days per week working and 1 day off.

Lap dance in the couch – 1 song  6€ (the dancer is just dancing with her clothes)

Simple private dance: €15 (2 songs) – CUSTOMERs PAY 50 €

Double private dance: €30 (3 songs) – CUSTOMERs PAY 100€


Double drink: Dancer Gets €6 (CUSTOMERS PAY 20€)

Piccolo: Dancer Gets €15 (CUSTOMERS PAY 50€)

Cocktail: Dancer Gets €30 (CUSTOMERS PAY 100€)

Local champagne: Dancer Gets 60€ (CUSTOMER pay 200€)

Martini Asti champagne: Dancer Gets 90€ (CUSTOMER PAY 300€)

Moet Chandon: €120CUSTOMER PAY 400€

Doem Perquion champagne: Dancer Gets 240€ (CUSTOMER PAY 800€)

Crystal champagne: Dancer Gets 480€ (CUSTOMER PAY 1600€)

Bollinger champagne: Dancer Gets 900€ (CUSTOMER PAY 3000€)

Generally, 30% of the money for each service client would pay, a dancer must mark it down and in the end, is getting paid salary plus 30% of the total that is collected all the night.

Prices shown are the lowest option. It means that if a smart dancer could go for a private dance for 100€ or 300€ or 500€ as much as she could catch.

Flat-Room free (4 girls per apartment maximum)

Documents for work (license) are free.
Insurance for work is free.
Vat number and permission to work is free.
The dancer has to pay only the exams to doctors that proving that she is healthy = 110€ total. (1 day before the first shift)
All dancers need to show a birth certificate (even in a phone as a photo, just to prove she is from E.U) so the club can make documents do documents

Opening times are from 22.30 pm till 7.00 am

The rooms are renovated and located upstairs of each club.

Accommodation is free and maximum 4 girls in an apartment (15 apartments 45m2-60m2 each)

Dancers must speak at least English

Dressing code – bikini and bra plus high heels.

It’s not allowed to take off the underwear. No kisses on the lips with clients. No drugs, alcohol, or prostitution. No phone in the work.

Alcohol drink costs 2€ each for dancers. Not allowed to bring a bottle.

Club has to offer pizza, lazania and musaka 6€ each.

One owner owns 3 different clubs in Rhodes, so it’s possible to rotate between the clubs once you get there.