Very well organized club. They have been running it for 25 years already. Non-smoking, pick up from the airport, 150 euro reimbursement for flight ticket. Accommodation in the most expensive district in Paris and they give it free of charge.

The fixed daily salary is 50 Euros. When a dancer reaches a commission over 150 Euro that automatically will be cut off. 

Private Show nude – 50 Euro, Show – 15 Euro.

Drinks commissions are 20 Euro for a Bottle, 4 Euro for every Glass consumed by the client, tips are 100% to the dancers entertaining the guests.

Table Dance topless one song will be paid 10 Euro 3 Min.

Lingerie colours are white, black and red.

The club is open from Monday to Saturday from 22.30 to 5:00.

No Drugs or Prostitution is permitted within Club and Accommodation. Dancers will be registered at the local Taxes And Employment office to protect their rights.

Salary is paid out at the end of every month via bank transfer.


This club is essentially a bar with striptease and champagne (strictly no sex), the girls must come for minimum 3 weeks to 1 month,

Dancers have a fixed of 50 € / day of work, 18% of commissions on the bottles sold and the shows (TD € 10, DP € 20 and strip € 60), accommodation fee is € 10 / day (can be negotiated between us). 

The club is open from Monday to Saturday from 22:00 to 6:00 with one day of rest in the week in addition to Sunday.  The dress style is sexy, short dress with bikini and heel mandatory.

Dancers are paid at the end of their contract, with the possibility of down payment before that.