Club is offering for Dancers 2 options of work system,: With fixed salary which is (50€ Per day) consummation earning is 15% Or Nonfixed salary consummation earning is 30%, but dancer can choose system for the past week to choose which system yields better money outcome for the past week. and Dancers are allowed to keep 100% of their cash tips, which is usually about € 20-50 per night.


he club is located in the Vaasa center.

The salary should consist of 1000-2000€ per week. Apartments are located in the same building and cost only 9€ per day. They would pick you from the airport. Commission for drinks from 20-50%, depends on its cocktails or bottles. Lady drink 50%, a bottle of champagne 20-30% They make payouts every Saturday. It’s a very prestigious place. They also have a limo pick up service for guests. They also got bonus system:
If the club reaches 10k income in a week all staff gets a 200€ bonus, 15k+-300,20k +-400€ And the good news is – they reach their targets a lot of times.

From lap dances, privates it’s 50%, from drinks from 20-50% Guarantee is 50€ per day Free every Sunday and Monday Payout every Saturday Working hours from 21:00 to 02:00, on Friday and Saturday till 04:00

Dancers from outside of Eu are also accepted.


Conditions – Pori

Club is ideally located in the very centre of Pori . Pori is a wonderful seaside city, a Scandinavian “Riviera”, famous for the nearby Yyteri Beach (NB! The best beach in Scandinavia, 6 kilometres of white sand!) and international music festivals and concerts.
According to the UN World Happiness Report 2018 Finland is the happiest country in the world! Happy people are good clients!
In 2018 Finnish alcohol laws were essentially liberalized and now Finns party and spend money much more than before!