Club is offering for Dancers 2 options of work system,: With fixed salary which is (50€ Per day) consummation earning is 15% Or Nonfixed salary consummation earning is 30%, but dancer can choose system for the past week to choose which system yields better money outcome for the past week. and Dancers are allowed to keep 100% of their cash tips, which is usually about € 20-50 per night.


he club is located in the Vaasa center.

The salary should consist of 1000-2000€ per week. Apartments are located in the same building and cost only 9€ per day. They would pick you from the airport. Commission for drinks from 20-50%, depends on its cocktails or bottles. Lady drink 50%, a bottle of champagne 20-30% They make payouts every Saturday. It’s a very prestigious place. They also have a limo pick up service for guests. They also got bonus system:
If the club reaches 10k income in a week all staff gets a 200€ bonus, 15k+-300,20k +-400€ And the good news is – they reach their targets a lot of times.

From lap dances, privates it’s 50%, from drinks from 20-50% Guarantee is 50€ per day Free every Sunday and Monday Payout every Saturday Working hours from 21:00 to 02:00, on Friday and Saturday till 04:00

Dancers from outside of Eu are also accepted.