Welcome To Copenhagen

  • The club opens at 21.00 and you have to be ready at 21.00 in the bar. Not 21.10, but 21.00. We don’t accept it and will take notice of it if you are late
  • Zero tolerance drug and drinking policy. Drinking champagne with a guest is of course allowed, but no beer, alcohol or other things. Your contract will be terminated
  • What goes on at Club stays at Club
  • No shouting or fighting No phones when there are guests
  • No laying down when there are guests It’s not allowed to go sit with a guest before he buys something to drink
  • It’s not allowed to say no to dance on stage, lapdance, lady drink or champagne It’s not allowed to go out with guests, making special deals, leaving or meeting with guests outside the club
  • No sexual things in the private.
  • Breaking this rule is immediately exclusion from Club and the apartment It’s allowed to be topless in the private, but not taking off your thong or the guests’ pants
  • No touching private parts and no kissing
  • We take care of the security in the club. Don’t interfere with security, we take care of that and we have a very high level of security at the club, so you can feel very safe at our club
  • No grabbing or crawling all over the guest by the tables. If he wants a private he has to pay to go in the private room It’s not allowed to beg for tips, keeping asking the guest over and over.
  • No tips if the guest buys for less than 1000 DKK. No tips on packages You are not allowed to work at other strip clubs while you work at Club If you want to work at Club after 1st of December, you need to stay at least until January 15, working Christmas and New Year. Otherwise you can not work after 1st of December

Breaking any of the club rules will result in a warning, two warnings are an exclusion from Angels Club Breaking rule 2, 9 or 10 is immediately exclusion without warning


Long, sexy dresses On weekdays (Sunday – Thursday) at 02 and at the weekend (Friday – Saturday) at 03, you can change to more light clothes, lingerie style, etc.

So from 21.00 when the club opens, it’s long elegant dresses And of course always high heels

If your dress goes to the knees as a cocktail dress but keeps going up when you walk, then it’s not long enough and you will be told to change

A small top and a skirt is not accepted as a dress

Angels Club is an exclusive gentlemen’s club and we want our angels to be very elegant


We make contracts on all our girls and everybody is registered in the Danish tax system Minimum length of the contract is one month Breaking the contract and leaving before the end of contract or with shorter notice than 7 days will result in withholding of salary

Salary for each show is DKK 150 15% commission in salary from all Champagne and lady drinks sold by you

The payment takes place at the first week-day of the new month Tips from guests is B-salary, so it’s your own obligation to declare it at the end of the year

Angels Club opening hours is every day from 21.00 Sunday – Thursday until 05 Friday and Saturday until 07

Looking nice and on time. We are here at 20.30 so you can get in and get ready. Be ready at the bar at 21.00, not 21.05 or 21.10. We open at 21.00, so be ready there. Don’t come late, we don’t accept that If you are late it will cost you money. 10 min = 100 KR, 15 min = 200 KR, 20 min = 300kr, 25 min = 400 and so on

Come to the bar and check-in. You can’t check-in before you’re ready and the system will automatically give you a fine if you’re late

Working time is in all the opening hours, no one goes home before we close

Positive, friendly and adult in the way you present yourself

The security level is very high at the club. We don’t accept any treats from the guests if they talk bad or rude to you, touch or grab you or things like that. You can feel very safe in our club, we have 20 cameras overviewing the club If you feel insecure of walking home alone or if somebody is waiting for you outside, our security will help you and walk you home If you feel insecure by some guests, always come and tell so we can evaluate the situation

When there are no guests in the club, it’s ok to relax, use your phone, iPad etc. but when there are guests, you don’t use them. Stay focused on our guests, even if we only have a few and you are not sitting with them. Maybe the guest wants you, but if your head is in your phone, you are not paying attention So when we say GUESTS is means sit up, put your phone away, close your cigaret and come out of the smoking-room right away Always go to the bar, there always have to girls in the bar when we have guests entering the club

No laying down when we have guests

Move around in the club or sit at the bar. The bar is the first thing the guests see, so don’t hide in the corners so the club looks empty

When a guest come into club, it´s the bartenders’ job to talk to him and get him to buy a drink. We have one drink minimum for all our guests. No girls can go sit with the guest before he gets a drink and the bartender says ok. We are not attacking the guests at Angels Club, we let them come in, relax, get something to drink and then you can go sit with them

When talking with a guest, be a lady, an angel. No flashing and no grabbing or touching private parts, no crawling around on the table or on the guest. This is an exclusive club and we don’t want to see things like that

It’s not allowed to say no if the guest wants to buy a lady drink or a bottle of champagne without private. We always try to sell up, but saying no is breaking your contract with Angels Club

Don’t bring your drink or glass down to the tables

Use max 15 min on the guest. If he doesn’t want to buy anything, leave him in a nice way. Try again later if no girls are sitting with him

A guest buying a lady drink gives you 20 min by the guest. After 20 min he needs to buy one more, or a bottle of champagne. If he doesn’t want to buy more, you say thank you, have a good evening and leave him in a nice way

A bottle of champagne is 30-45 min, depending on which bottle and which size Piccolo, a small bottle, is 30 min

If you sit too long with a guest, we can take your commission away

When the guest is buying something in the bar, it’s not allowed to touch the credit card machine or help the guest put in their Pincode, very important. Only the guest can put in his Pincode or sign with signature

Clean up after yourself, don’t leave glasses or champagne bottles around in the club or privates. Help to keep the club nice and clean at all times

Respect what our bartenders say to you. They are following Angels Club’s rules and if they correct you, you need to listen to them If you disrespect them, you disrespect Angels Club and we will reconsider your employment


We have the biggest variety of champagne in Copenhagen, we have some of the most exclusive champagnes in the world, at the price of 590.000 DKK/79.000 € When trying to sell champagne, don’t be afraid to start high. If you want to sell a Dom Perignon, start higher. If you start to low, with the cheapest champagne and the guest says no, there are no options left. If you start higher, you can always go a step down in price

No pouring champagne in ice buckets or otherwise. Get help from the bartender, change it to soda if you can’t drink it. Pouring in the ice bucket will reveal that you are pouring champagne out, and that is not allowed

Don’t leave your champagne unattended with the guest, always bring it with you if you leave for toilet etc

No stealing each other guests. If you are sitting with a guest, it’s your guest and the same with other girls. Only when a girl leaves him, not for the toilet, but leaves him, you can go down to him. You can only join a table where a girl is already sitting if the guest invites you

If the guest wants a private, come to bar and settle the payment. Don’t go to the private before the private is paid and the bartender says ok


When in private, don’t stay to longer than what the guest is paying for It’s important to respect the length of the private. If you oversell and stay in there to long, you owe the club money and we will take them back. If the guest pays for 3 songs, he gets 3 songs, not more

It’s allowed to be topless in the private, but not taking of your pants/thong. The guest are not allowed to take pants or clothes of, no nudity in the private

The prices and lengths of the privates will we go through in the club


Every show on stage is 2 songs and it’s FULLY NUDE on stage. You take your clothes off during those two songs and everything at the end. DOWN, ROUND and OUT is the keywords: Down with thong, around the pole and out

This is an exclusive club with exclusive shows, so it’s not naked for a minute or two, but at the end But everything has come off, not just down over the hips, all the way down

If you have you own music you can bring it, otherwise we will find it for you

The bartender makes a list and tells you when it’s time to go on stage, in no special order. If you are sitting with a guest, we will only take you when you’ve been with him for a while and after the show you return to the guest

If you are trying to sell a champagne we’re not gonna take you away from the guest, then we wait until later

If you’ve had too much champagne, we will not put you on stage, we don’t want you to fall and break arms and legs Number of shows depends on how many guests we have We have show every 20 minute when we have guests in the club

At the club there is a big dressing/changing room, lockers and shower We provide you with a locker so you can have your things at the club You can drink all the soft drinks and coffee you want, and buy Red Bull and cigarets at staff price We have chips, candy and light food at the club so you can get something to eat during the night

There is a floor fee for working at Angels Club on 1000 DKK a month/250 DKK a week


Prices for staying in our apartment
Monthly Weekly Big room DKK 3500 DKK 875

Single room DKK 4000 DKK 1000

The rent is taken from your salary, so when you get your salary, it’s already paid Included in the rent is free soft drinks, wine, coffee, fruit, chips, candy and food at the club

Floor fee is included in the rent

The apartment is just around the corner from the club