Fixed salary 40€ Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 21:30-5:00 Consummation 20 %, prices are between 345€ -2700€

Commission from private dances: One dance costs 45€, from which dancer gets 20€,  one club dollar costs 1€, from which dancer gets 0,50€ Commissions and fixed salary are paid by the end of the week.

Stage show : 3 songs, topless.

Accommodation: Free, 2 girls in one room, the girls have to bring their own bedlinen. The apartment is located 15 min from the club and all the girls need to have working papers. 25% of consummation is taxed for registration insurance.


They would pay you between 20-25% commission depending on the drink, 20 euros from table dance and 120 euros from 30 min. VIP and 260 euros from VIP of 1 hour. If you make 4 table dances or more in a day you get paid 50 euro for the 4th dance. They charge 10 euros per day for transport to and from the club, apartment, insurance, papers for employment and the internet. The apartment is located 10 min from the club.

Taxes are paid for and you get health insurance as well. Taxes will be directed to your pension fund in Austria.

Working hours: Monday until Thursday: 21:00 – 05:00 o´clock Friday until Saturday: 21:00 – 06:00 o´clock Sunday 21:00-05:00

Stage shows: 2 Songs show, the first song dressed and second in topless. We expect the best behavior and friendly interaction with guests as well as to the whole team!  No chewing gum in the dance area (on stage). Mobile phones are not allowed in the club area. 

Dresscode: They expect perfect hair and makeup as well as the appropriate body care! Stylish, sexy and elegant wardrobe (sexy costumes, sexy lingerie)

Conditions: Daily fix fee: no fixed salary! Offer guarantee, the 4th dance is 100% to the dancer (50 euro) Privatedance: Euro 20,00/one song for the dancer The stage dollars is 50% for the dancer (1 euro each dollar) Commission: Champagne & drinks: 20 – 25%

VIP / Champagne Area: 120euro /30 min for the performer  260 euro/60 min for the performer  No touching / no sex! / no private meeting with clients allowed!! The paydays are on Sunday during the night. The payment it’s done by cash.

Club-Apartment: Accommodation and transfer to the club and from the club is free of charge. The club has 2 apartments for the dancer’s accommodation. 2 rooms and 2 kitchens In every room are living 2 dancers

City: Bradford
Vacancy: Dancer
Earn: €1000