Fixed salary 40€ Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 21:30-5:00 Consummation 20 %, prices are between 345€ -2700€

Commission from private dances: One dance costs 45€, from which dancer gets 20€,  one club dollar costs 1€, from which dancer gets 0,50€ Commissions and fixed salary are paid by the end of the week.

Stage show : 3 songs, topless.

Accommodation: Free, 2 girls in one room, the girls have to bring their own bedlinen. The apartment is located 15 min from the club and all the girls need to have working papers. 25% of consummation is taxed for registration insurance.


If we talk about Ischgl, it’s one of the best Ski Resorts there is. Ischgl is known for lively après-ski parties and nightlife. The resort hosts pop concerts celebrating the end of the annual ski season (Top of the Mountain Concert). Ischgl is located on the Austrian side of one of the world’s largest ski areas. The owner of this newly opened club had a club in another Ski resort (Solden) for many years, but he moved to Ischgl for its large potential in making money. And that should tell you something.

Club’s System

How they get from the apartment to work – By bus with their driver.

How many girls live in an apartment – They have double and 3 pax bedrooms

How many girls per room – 2-3

Tips me made on stage with the customer are for us or we have to share with the club? – Tips only in dollars 50/50

What are the hours of closing and opening? – During the week and weekend 9-6

how many days off per week – Maximum 1