Country: Denmark

Club type: Lap dance club
Work type: Stage dance, lap dance private dance, consummation

The club is very clean and exclusive, it has high standards for the dancing, girls must be able to talk English, they have to be good dancers, if girls can do pole dance also, it’s a very big bonus.

Daily fix: 300 dkr per night your salary, you get it in the end of your contract (approx. 40 EUR)
You get your salary, dance and consummation money weekly (half bank account and half cash)
Most of the girls earn between 4000-5000 danish krone each day (after tax – If you’re a hard worker, you can earn really good money).

Stage dance: Dress, full nude in the end for 4-5 seconds
You need to perform minimum of 3 stage shows (depending on how many girls in the club) per night during you are working in the club. We don’t have any restrictions for dance clothes.
Each stage show is 2 songs (girls can choose the song) and you have to be naked last 4-5 seconds of the song.

Dress Code: The clothing style should be elegant, long and short dresses, bikini or lingerie, babydoll, so sexy

Lap dance: 50%, after tax approx. 36%
Lap dance club price: from 800 dkr (7-8 minutes long)
Private dances starts from 800 danish krone (Plus more as you go on). So you have possibility to make private shows for extra money. You get 50% of the payment (before tax). After tax, you will get %36 of the total payment (800 X %36 = 288 dkk after tax)

Drink consummation: receive – 15%
Bottle prices between 1500-22 000 dkk.
Approximaely between 200-2000 EUR.

Extra money: Tip – 50% is yours.

Contract duration:
min. 2 weeks
average. 4 weeks
Travel: Self-financed
Airport is 10 minutes far away from the apartment by taxi and train station is 10 minutes away from the apartment by foot. You need to come your self to the apartment.

Accommodation: 1 girl/room
Apartment is at the city center and you can go to lots of shopping places less than 1 minute.
The apartment for girls (2 minutes far away from the club by foot).
You will be staying with other girls in this apartment. You have possibility to cook for eating.
Each girls has their own room and you have to pay 600 danish krone weekly (80 EUR) for accommodation. Apartment is 2 minutes faraway by foot to the club.
The apartment has TV, shared kitchen, washing machine, dish washer, 2 bathrooms and wireless internet.

Club opening:
Sunday and Monday closed
Working days/week: 5 days

Working hours:
Club opens from Tuesday till Saturday from 21:00 till 05:00.
You must arrive 30 minutes before opening hours and be ready to perform by 9pm.

Girls/night in the bar: 10-12

The girls cannot go out with clients or meet with them in free time.
If club finds out that girls go out, they will be fired immediately.
In club its not possible to do any sexual service, there are cameras everywhere.

Tax: 10%

– You have to be Europan Union citizenship
– You have to speak English
– No prostitution, drugs or excessive alcohol.
– You have to tell minimum 2 weeks before you leave the club.