Location: Germany/Peiting (around 75 Km from Munich) CLUB DETAILS:

MELODY BAR Peiting Famous & Germany’s oldest Club! Since 1954!


Monday until Sunday: 21.00 – 05.00, daily open!!!

During working hours max. 2 artists are allowed to be in the dressing room and the other artists have to stay in the club area. Stage shows 2 Songs, only Topless at the Stage! Mobile phones are not allowed in the Club if the customer coming!


Only € 50/week! Apartments are in the same house on 1.floor! Free use Internet/WLAN, every room having refrigerator, 1-2 rooms having TV, Deposit for key € 50. We take Deposit because we want the Girls to take care of it. Taking care and being clean the rooms. They have to pay the deposit within 2 days after beginning and they will get it back on their last night.


The dancers have to buy their own tickets. (Plane/bus/etc.)


• Minimum age 18 years, Citizen oft the European Union (EU)

• pleasant appearance,

• a minimum of English,

• communicative, serious-minded and ambitious.


Fix salary Tuesday until Sunday daily € 40 or € 50 depending on which consummation percentage the Girls choose!

Monday’s  no fix is 50% from what she make in Drinks, private and dollar

All other days 30% for consumption + 50%  for private Dance + 50% for Dollars (if choosing € 40/day) or

all other days 25% for consumption + 50%  for private Dance + 50% for Dollars (if choosing € 50/day)

Girls get the commission of Drinks, Dollars and private Shows daily (next day).

The salary the girls get the end of the contract. But if they need urgent money they can ask for a 20% payment in advance.

All taxes and insurance (health, pension, etc.) will be paying through Club for the Girls!

We are working absolute clean with all registration papers!


Commissions for the drinks:

The girl gets 20 or 30% of all drinks.

Price from Drinks;

Piccolo for € 25

Champagner Piccolo for € 50

or bottles for € 150 /250 /395 /496/695 or 1.495.

Commissions for the dances:

The girl gets 50% from dances:

Price from dances:

Short private dance (4 minutes): € 25

Long private dance (7 minutes): € 40

Commissions for Dollars: 50%

Dress code:

We expect perfect hair and Makeup. Sexy Dress code.


Passport/ ID.for dancers from the EU