You might expect the UK’s best gentlemen’s clubs to all be in London, but it’s Norwich that has the highest rated strip club in the UK (ranked 6th in the world!). Norwich is a medium-sized city, about 2 hours away from London. To get there, you can fly into any London airport, but Stansted is the closest.

Our partner club is extremely popular with dancers because of the good working conditions and earning potential ​(£1000 – 2000 per week on average)​. The club is strict, and hard to get into, but we can help you prepare for the interview and have the highest chance of being accepted.
What kind of dancer do they want? You have to have the right to work in the UK and a good level of English. As usual, all ethnicities are welcome.

DANCING:​ ​Beginners are welcome, and will receive a high level of training. Experienced dancers might be given extra training to learn the ‘American style’ exotic dancing. If you can’t dance like this yet, don’t worry. But you have to be interested and motivated to learn. Anyway, the dance training will give you the skills to help you do well anywhere :). You won’t pass the interview if you don’t look interested in learning to dance properly.
ATTITUDE: You’ll need to be ​reliable,​ ​professional​ and ​organised ​to work here. The highest earners at this club are motivated to get private dances, but harassing every customer is not accepted. You have to act confident and sociable to get in, but you will NOT pass if you look like you only care about money.

How things work It’s a non-contact club, but full nudity is allowed for private dances. Each dancer will do a few (clothed) stage shows. There’s a limited number of dancers working each night, ​so there’s enough customers for everyone to make good money. ​Offering extras will get you sacked on the spot.

Commission: Dancers are paid nightly, and can earn from private dances, stage shows, VIP tables, and stag/hen strip shows. Tips on stage: ​Depends 2 girl stag/hen show (10-15mins):​ £75 each Sit-down in VIP (15mins):​ £60 Private dance (1 song): ​£10 topless, £20 nude Private dance (VIP, 1 song): ​£30 topless, £40 nude Private on sofa (15 mins): ​£60 Private on bed (15 minutes): ​£120 Fees: 25% club commission, + house fee + agency fee.

House Fees:​ £20 (Sunday-Thursday), £40 (Friday-Saturday) – 50% house fee if a dancer earns under £100 – No house fee if a dancer earns under £50 Agency Fees:​ This club charges agency fees to the dancers. We ​only ever​ work with clubs in this way if we are confident that they offer an ​excellent opportunity for dancers to earn much more than the average for that country.

​Accommodation £60-90 per week There is a £250 security deposit, which you can pay off in the first week of work. However, you MUST arrive with your first week of rent.

Shifts Every dancer has to work 3-4 shifts a week. At least 2 of those shifts have to be on a weekday. There are often extra days available if you want to work more. Some foreign dancers here like to work 3 weeks each month, and then go home for the last week. Other Information – The club has a strict dress code, so if accepted you will need to get some gowns and CLASSY lingerie during the first week. The club will tell you more about the dress code, and we can give you some advice on where to get inexpensive outfits. – The club has a fine system for not showing up to work, so you will need to be organized and reliable.