Munich is the capital of Bavaria. With approximately 1.5 million inhabitants, it forms the center of the metropolitan region of Munich (around 6 million inhabitants) it is the most populous and largest city of Bavaria. Munich belongs to the world’s most famous cities. Economically, it is one of the most successful and fastest-growing cities in Germany, and the seat of numerous corporations and insurance companies. It is also one of the major financial centers worldwide. In the worldwide cities rank, Munich occupied second place in infrastructure and the fourth place in quality of life. Within Germany, Munich is considered to be the most favorable city. Because of a large number of historical buildings, international sports events, exhibitions, plenty of Trade Fairs and congresses and the well known „Oktoberfest“, it is attracting millions of tourists every year and make Munich to be the best Table Dance Destination in Europe and one of the bests worldwide.

Travel: Self-financing with an airplane, bus or train

Club type: Table Dance Club

Working system of the Club:
Pole dancing on the stage (3 – 4 times/night), 2 songs per dancer, lap-dance, private dance and hostess (sitting at the table with customers).

Club-Opening Hours:
Sunday to Wednesday: 20:00 – 05:00
Thursday to Saturday: 2 Shifts: 20:00 – 05:00 or 23:00 – 08:00
Oktoberfest Time: (21.09.2019-06.10.2019) every day 2 Shifts: 20:00 – 05:00 or 23:00 – 08:00

Club Accommodation: Is at the Club
Costs 10 Euro per day.
Here are 2 to 4 Bed Rooms.
Wifi, washing machine, bedsheets, cooker/oven
Ask for pictures of the accommodation!


Daily Salary is 50,- EUR fix
Oktoberfest Time: No Daily Salary

Drink consummation: 30% cash payment & 25% credit card
prices start from 100,- EUR 7400,- EUR

Private dance: 50%
The dancer gets 25,- EUR (5 min. dance)
Oktoberfest Time 30,- EUR (4 min. dance)

The dancer gets 0,50 EUR from a dollar

Dress Code:

Monday: White Innocence (white and sexy)
Tuesday: Masquerade Style (Corset, Stockings, Mask)
Wednesday: Sexy & Elegant (Evening or Cocktail Dress)
The rest days no special Dress Code.
High heels and sexy outfits every day are obviously.


– Age: over 18 years
– Enjoyable and friendly personality
– communicative, serious-minded and ambitious
– German and/or Englisch speaking
– pleasant appearance

Additional Information:

The dancer is a self employer.
Each dancer should be able to present a business license and
tax ID as well as accident and health insurance.
Should this not be the case, we can help you to organize all working legal documents.
The business registration costs uniquely € 45.