We asked our colleague Melissa to tell us more about herself, her work and experience in this industry. Melissa is from Sweden and dreams to dance in other countries as well. Our team started to do this segment for a couple of reasons. We hope to bring awareness to some truths and misconceptions in this industry while getting to know our colleagues a little bit better. Listening to people is a skill. Let’s take good care of it in this fast-moving world.

Do you have any specific memory of weird clients?

Yes! A customer once bought a private room, and as soon as we got in, he thought we are going to have sex. I told him no, this guy got so mad just because I wouldn’t have sex with him… It was like he was expecting to fuck. Like that’s what he had paid for. He was drunk and started to throw things at me and all around the room. So the guards kicked him out, I mean kicked… It was weird and a little bit scary.

What is the weirdest wish form a client you have received?

I get a lot of requests from men who want to be humiliated. They want me to bully them about how little their dick is, or how ugly and thin they are. I can’t understand that and I think it’s weird. I can’t bully them.

Biggest tip?

Not sure if it was the biggest, but he just wanted me to show my ass for 5 minutes and for that he gave me 5000 Swedish crowns. (~500 Euro red.)

What is the most embarrassing song you have ever danced to?

Khia – My neck, my back, lick my pussy and my crack.

Haha, so dirty.

What would you change in this industry if you had a chance?

In Sweden dancers don’t get paid well, the club owners take a huge amount of dancers earnings. So maybe an hourly wage as other jobs have. And maybe not so many hours.

Which country do you think is the best to work in from your experience?

I have only danced in Sweden. But I think Copenhagen is good, I know some girls who travel every week and get paid really good.

Do you have any fears and what would be the biggest one?

That someone would follow me when I leave the club and see where I live. Stalk me… uh, creepy.

Your wildest dream?

I would love to dance in another country. That would be wild.

 Can we ask you to give advice on 3 most important things for dancers who have just entered this industry?

Don’t get fooled, men always try to pay less than they have to. And don’t do things that feel wrong. And have fun, don’t do it if you just have to because of money.

If you could leave only one advice to this world:

If everybody could respect each other and give a little more love in the world that would be great. 

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