We asked our colleague Mare from Estonia to share a small part of herself. Mare has a beautiful smile and history of some interesting clients, we have to admit. Our team started to do this segment for a couple of reasons. We hope to bring awareness to some truths and misconceptions in this industry while getting to know our colleagues a little bit better. Listening to people is a skill. Let’s take good care of it in this fast-moving world.

 Do you have any specific memory of weird clients?

The last one was a week ago here in Oslo. I had a very nice polite Norwegian man as they usually are, which is the reason I like working in Norway. Anyway, this guy had a few fetishes. He loved tight latex pants and underneath he wore diapers. He told that he had a difficult childhood, so now he sometimes cannot control himself. He also told me about her ex-girlfriend who he had sex with. While having sex with her he urinated inside of her, which she appeared to like. He honestly shared that being inside of a wet diaper feels like a woman’s pussy. He was the first person who told me that I am too normal which was a surprise because I always hear how crazy I am.

What is the weirdest wish form a client you have received?

 Mostly they would like to lick my pussy. Sometimes they desire to put their finger in my ass and I just can’t understand how this could be pleasurable to someone. We all have fantasies can’t judge anyone, but of course, the answer will just be a simple no.

Biggest tip?

 1000€ in a small town in Finland. Sometimes you just get lucky, but don’t get used to that.

What is the most embarrassing song you have ever danced to?

 I have always chosen my own music but sometimes it has stopped and then there is silence. For me, it is hard to feel embarrassed but it is important to feel comfortable with the music you are dancing to.

What would you change in this industry if you had a chance?

 The attitude towards dancers. There are so many misconceptions about dancers which are far from reality. I wish girls would be true to themselves and show their personality. Girls are not objects and should never be treated like they are.

Which country do you think is the best to work in from your experience?

 New Zealand is very good. It’s the most money and most fun to work as well. It is also very safe and people take good care of each other. Weather is a good plus as well. I would recommend Wellington. I worked there for 6 weeks and earned 12’000 $ during that period of time.

Do you have any fears and what would be the biggest one?

 I wasn’t afraid of it before but this fear has come up to me lately. I am afraid that it will be hard to stop this job and that it is a little difficult to continue with normal life afterward. I stopped for one year but now I am back again and happy to be back in some ways. The truth is that life is uncertain no matter what we do.

Your wildest dream?

 Outdoor beach strip club so I could enjoy the sun and work at the same time. Being inside of a dark cellar drives me crazy.

If you could leave only one advice to this world:

 Be thankful for your beauty and health. Take good care of those things and yourself. Money is important but make sure you are taking care of things you can never buy.

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Quiet waters are the deepest as they say 🙂

Feel free to contact us if you would like to share your story as well.

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