Manchester is not as well known as London, but still a big, diverse European city with many things to do. It’s also a more affordable city, and with the huge earnings available at our partner club ​(Many dancers earn up to £8000 per month) ​working here is often a better option to make and save money.

Our partner club is a high-end, professional establishment with ideal working conditions for new and experienced dancers. It’s also popular with customers, with big spenders visiting on the weekday and weekends. The club has standards, but we can help you prepare for the interview and give you the best chance of being hired. The club has two other locations, in ​Wigan ​and ​Derby​, which both have similar earning potential. What kind of dancer do they want? You have to have the right to work in the UK and a good level of English. As usual, all ethnicities are welcome.

Dancing:​ ​Beginners are welcome, and will be trained on the job. You will need to have a good attitude towards the stage and private dancing, but you don’t have to be a pro when you start. Of course, any dancing experience/pole training is a plus too! Having a positive attitude and being willing to learn will help you pass the interview.

Attitude:​ ​You’ll need to be ​reliable,​ ​professional​ and ​friendly ​to work here. The highest earners at this club are motivated to get private dances, but working well with other dancers is important for the management here. Fighting over clients is not accepted here. You have to act confident and sociable to get in, but you will NOT pass if you look like you only care about money.

How things work It’s a non-contact club, but full nudity is allowed for private dances. Each dancer will do a couple of stage shows. There’s a limited number of dancers working each night, ​so there’s enough customers for everyone to make good money.
Offering extras will get you sacked on the spot. All dances are paid for using a club card. Taking direct payment or handling cash isn’t allowed. Commission: Dancers are paid nightly, and can earn from private dances, stage shows, VIP tables, and stag/hen strip shows. Private (1 Song): ​£20 Private (2 Songs):​ £40 Private (3 Songs):​ £60 VIP (15 Min): ​£105 VIP (30 Mins): ​£210 VIP (60min): ​£330

For the Derby venue only, clean and comfortable accommodation is available at £10-15 per night.


Dance Commission: ​30% House Fees:​ Varies between £10-50, usually under £25 Agency Fee: ​None ​Accomodation Clean and comfortable accomodation is available at £10-15 per night. Shifts The club is quite relaxed with shifts, however, dancers who work regularly will have priority for accommodation and extra shifts. Other Information The club has a brilliant record on safety and following legal policy. This also means there are responsibilities for dancers. Drugs are not tolerated, and you should not drink more than you can handle. A fine system is in place for more serious misconduct.