This specific club presents itself as something between a strip club and a dance club.

The system of this club looks like – Dancing on stage (pole dance, topless, strip in VIP area) and drinking with clients, you would have to sit with customers and make them feel comfortable. Once again – strip dancing is required only in the VIP area. Clients in this club are coming to drink and have a great time rather than view a show or have any other services.

You will be working under a legal contract and get health insurance.

The club is open for 7 days. Sunday – Thursday 20:00 – 06:00. Friday till Saturday it’s 20:00 – 06:00 or till the last customer if that customer is paying drinks for you. You would be working 6 days a week.

Your salary will be 60 euro/day + 20% of all the drinks ( since it’s Luxembourg, prices start from 25 euro per glass of champagne, 50-100 cocktails, 150-250 for half bottle of Champagne and 250 – 2500 euro for a bottle of Champagne). Salary and tips are paid out every 2 weeks.

You should be earning 3000 – 10’000 euro per month. It really depends on your experience, charisma, and willingness to hustle.

You would be working with 4-5 other dancers. The minimal contract length is 30 days, but if you wish, you can stay there for 12 months. This is a peak time to be there, but Luxembourg is such a luxury travel destination, you can earn a great salary all year long. Keep in mind that it’s not the cheapest place to live as well.

If you wish, you can stay in Clubs apartments (same building) for 10 euro a day. Fully furnished with Wifi and 2 dancers per room. Bedsheets are not included and you would have to bring your own.

The club will organize pick up from the Airport or any other means of transportation you choose.