It’s a fully nude club and they would accept a 4-week contract, but if for some reason you do not like it there, you can leave them whenever you want of course. We would help you to find a new club as soon as possible. You would perform 2 songs on stage, strip topless during the 1st song and then, strip nude, on the 2nd song, or you may perform both songs, fully nude. 

They are open 11 AM until 3 AM, Sunday through Thursday and 11 AM until 4 AM, Friday and Saturday.

A minimum of 4 shifts, INCLUDING Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights. NO EXCEPTIONS. Each shift is only 6 hours. On required Thursday nights, dancers must be at the club and ready to work, no later than 9 PM. On required Friday & Saturday nights, dancers must be at the club and ready to work, no later than 10 PM.  On all other optional shifts, Dancers may schedule themselves on any available shift.  We ask dancers to work at least 6 hours, each shift. Dancers may be eligible for additional money bonuses if they are ready to work at 11 AM (Every weekday), 4 PM (Weekdays only) and at 11 AM & 7 PM (On Saturday & Sunday) Day shifts available to work are 11 AM & 12 Noon. Evening shifts start at 4PM, 5PM, 6PM, 7PM, 8PM & 9PM 

All dances at our club are Lap Dances and therefore there is contact with the customers. 

A) Stage Dance?  You keep all the tips. C) Private Dances  ALL DANCES ARE NUDE  Single Nude Lap Dance: $51 ($25 dancer + tip / $26 club)  3 Song VIP Nude Lap Dance: $136 ($65 dancer + tip / $71 club)  5 Song SKYBOX Nude Lap Dance: $210 ($100 dancer + tip / $110 club) 30 Minute VIP Nude Lap Dance: $350 ($200 dancer + tip / $200 club) Equals 10 songs. 45 Minute VIP Nude Lap Dance: $500 ($250 dancer + tip / $250 club) Equals 15 songs. 60 Minute HEAVEN Nude Lap Dance: $650 ($375 dancer + tip / $375 club) Equals 20 songs. How much does the average dancer earn each month? Approximately $8,600 to as much as $25,000. Sometimes more, sometimes less… They have girls who regularly make that kind of money. Because our club is located just minutes from Los Angeles International Airport, most of our clientele are successful, traveling businessmen, sports & entertainment celebrities. The opportunities for dancers to earn money at this location is greater than any other location we know.

The dancer MUST bring her customer to the bar and the customer MUST pay the bar before or after every dance event (depends on the type of dance). Sometimes, the customer will pay with, “Bare Chips.”   Bare Chips are our “in-house,” currency. Bare Chips are just like cash, in our club.  The dancer receives a register receipt each time her customer pays for a dance. At the end of the shift, the dancer cashes out with the Manager on duty and he gives her the dance money she is owed and cashes out her Bare Chips if she has any.

If you would like to stay in the dancer accommodations, you must agree to the following conditions or requirements: Dancer is an EXCLUSIVE clubs entertainer while living in our dancer accommodations. Dancer IS NOT allowed to work at any other club while living in our dancer apartment. The dancer must work at least 4 six-hour shifts, including, Thursday, Friday and Saturday night shifts. Dancer agrees to follow all of the club conditions and apartment rules at all times. Dancers living in the dancer apartment are required to work all US holidays that the club is open. If a dancer does not work at least 4 days a week and/or fails to work a holiday, or if she is absent for 4 or more days from the club, without permission, she will no longer be eligible to live in the dancer apartment. Dancers may request, in advance, to have excused days/time off.  Approved time off is not subject to attendance rules. If a dancer wants to stay in our dancer apartment, the dancer agrees to be prepared to pay US$50 upon arrival.  The $50 fee is a refundable deposit for the keys and/or gate remote that is refunded when the dancer returns the key and/or gate remote to the club. Rent is US$150 per week, but the first week IS FREE! After that, rent is US$150 per week, or US$25 per day, payable every Monday. Rent is always due on Monday. ALL apartment Rules/Requirements/Conditions will be strictly enforced.  The dancer apartment is located about 8 – 10 minutes to the north of the club, in a safe, suburban area that is minutes from shops, stores, Starbucks, gyms & restaurants. It is only 30 minutes drive from world-famous Hermosa & Manhattan Beaches and minutes from the typical tourist attractions, in and around Hollywood, California.

We use Lyft or Uber or cabs.  We have a limited number of parking spaces in a secure gated garage. Parking spaces are available on a “first to come, first-serve basis. We provide emergency pick-up & return rides when necessary. But, dancers are expected to provide their own transportation after the initial orientation process.

Girls have to tip DJ or door & door staff, typical tips range from $0.25-$1/per dance.