Salary is 40 euros
Drinks 30%
Prices: Cocktail 30€,Piccolo 50€, Asti 70cl 150€, Asti Rose 70cl 180€, Moet&Chandon 300€, Veuve Clicquot 350€, Moet Nectar and Moet Rose 400€, Moet Ice 500€, Dom Perignon 700€, Dom Perignon Vintage 1000€, Crystal 1000€, Armand de Brignac Gold 2500€, Armand de Brignac Rose 3000€, Dances 50%

Table dance (topless) 1 song 30€
Private dance 5 minutes (nude) 45€
Private dance 10 minutes (nude and contact allowed) 85€
Private dance 15 minutes (nude and contact allowed) 120€
Private dance 30 minutes (nude and contact allowed) 200€
Contract minimum of 2 weeks
Maximum 3 months
Room shared between 2 dancers in a good apartment with everything necessary 60 euros per week
Dancers must work 5-6 nights per week
New dancers are picked up from the airport first time they come to Portugal
Salary is paid every night
Commissions every two weeks
No escort, no sex, no drugs of any kind, no alcohol abuse.

Work is from 23:30 to 5:00 am
From September 22:00 to 4:00 am
On stage 2 songs 2 times per night
Nude on the last 10 seconds of the show
Agency 10e per night
Paid every week

Dancers from outside of the EU also accepted.