Barefoot vs. High heels.

Lily Rose views herself as a hippie walking around barefoot, living in squat buildings and driving around in her campervan. But at night time, she can put on her makeup, high heels and be Lily Rose, the smiling girl with the big black boots.

What would you change in this industry if you had a chance?

 The fact that this industry is not accepted in every country and some girls will experience difficulties crossing borders hurts me. As I am a fulltime traveler and couldn’t stand the idea of being rejected just for what I do. Also, I hope the taboo of this job will disappear so you can be open to family and friends and not getting judged.

Which country do you think is the best to work in from your experience?

 I loved West Australia as the money is good and you feel safe at work, but I think it’s really not only about the country it’s also about the club and more important the girls you work with.

What do you appreciate from your employer / club you work in?

 At the club I work in now I feel really respected by the owners and managers, and for them, it’s not only about the money for the club. They also want the girls to make money and will help you but never push if you’re not feeling well.

The best club you have worked in so far?

 Dollhouse Perth, Bonton Amsterdam.

The worst place to work in?

 I don’t even know the name, a club in Bratislava. The clients got drugged and the girls were not treated right. I was the only English speaking girl and they would give the clients shots with Absint so they would forget everything.

Do you have any specific memory of weird clients?

 I think I’ve actually not really met or maybe I’ve ignored some of the weirdest clients in the clubs I’ve worked in. There was a guy in Australia and he was always the first customer so the girls would have to go on stage just to dance for him and he would sit down by the stage, if you didn’t want to dance much you could just ask him some questions and he would tell his whole life story in 10 minutes and would still give a little tip.

What is the weirdest wish form a client you have ever received?

 A client asked me to keep touching and squeezing his nipples instead of doing the whole lapdance routine.

Biggest tip?

 I guess one of the guys gave me a car for my birthday, but I never took it as I didn’t want to give my full name and address, and you need that to transfer the car in your name.

Your ideal client?

 A non touchy nice guy with whom you feel comfortable with and someone that respects what you do without asking too many questions.

What is the most embarrassing song you have ever danced to?

 I do not like to dance to barbie girl…

How do you prepare for a shift?

 I normally listen to some songs I have in my playlist and I will read some feminist posts on Instagram.

Do you have any fears and what would be the biggest one?

 My biggest fear is always when I am on my period and a guy is wearing white…

Your wildest dream?

 Just a whole night dancing without my high heels on. This would feel for me as a night of freedom (Laughs)

Can we ask you to give advice on 3 most important things for dancers who have just entered this industry?

 Don’t do things you don’t want to do, learn how to say no and please respect the other girls in the club. It’s not a competition of who can make the most money.

Advice for new dancers how to overcome fear and stress?

 Talk to the other girls in the club, just tell your manager or bar staff you are a bit nervous and just go for it.

If you could leave only one advice to this world:

 Please don’t get addicted to money and sometimes, let it go, to do other things in life.