FIXED SALARY / CLUB FEE: Club is offering for Dancers 2 options of work system,: With fixed salary which is (50€ Per day) consummation earning is 15% Or Nonfixed salary consummation earning is 30%, but dancer can choose system for the past week to choose which system yields better money outcome for the past week. and Dancers are allowed to keep 100% of their cash tips, which is usually about € 20-50 per night.

EARNINGS FROM DRINKS: Dancers receive 30% ( or 15 % if dancers choose 50€ per day fix salary ) from drinks: small bottle piccolo 45€ ,Bottle of sparkling wine: €175-245€,Moet: €330 + table dance (only topless) Dom Perignon: €790 + table dance (topless) Champagne prices go till 5000 €

STAGE SHOW: 3 to 8 times per night, topless only.

DANCEWEAR CODE: Sexy Nightdress ore lingerie but dancers must look sexy.

ACCOMMODATION: Club provides a fully furnished apartment, with free internet, for € 60 per week, dancers must bring only own bed sheets and blanket cover sheet.

AIRFARES: Dancers must pay for their own travel expenses.

LENGTH OF CONTRACT: The contract length is for a minimum of 2 to 3 weeks. With the possibility of extension.

Salary & earnings: will be paid at the end of the contract for first time worker will get all earning in cash; If is too high earning half goes to the bank account.

Average earning with 30% System is 750-2000€ per week, also it depends on dancer experience and working performance.

MORE ABOUT THE CLUB AND COMPANY: Club is located in the city center of Helsinki and is the most popular Striptease Club in Finland and has been ranked the top ten club in Europe. Dancers are expected to work 7 days per week. (possible to take off for the free day if the contract is over a week). Dancers are mostly from Europe and the Baltic states. Dancers must know English language. Every night working 6-9 dancer in the club. Stage dance is 2 songs (min. 7 minutes) Average earnings in a week is 750-2000€