Salary is 50€ / Day

We are open From 8 p.m. – 4 a.m. monday – thursday / 8 p.m. – 5 a.m. fridays / 8 p.m. – 6 a.m. saturdays

The Flat is above the Club an connected with the Club with stairs.

The prices for Private Dance, Tabledance and Drinks :
30.- for the Cocktail you get 10.-

50.- for one private Dance you get 20.-

50.- for a stage Show 2 Songs you get 20.-

50.- for an Tabledance 2 Songs you get 20.-

180.- for a bottle of prosecco you get 50.-

350-. For a bottle of Champagne you get 75.-

390.- for a bottle of moet Champagne you get 80.-

490.- for a bottle of moet Rosè you get 100.-

500 .- Vip Lounge with bottle prosecco you get 150.-

For the VIP Lounge area:
The Girls get 80.- for just sitting with the costumer there.

Than ist up to the Girls what They can earn.
The costumer can Order extra Lapdances, bottles or Cocktails.

The Girls can also Start with an bottle Champagne, if the costumer orders the VIP Lounge with the cheapest bottle Champagne than the Girls Start with 155.-, there is no Limit.

Example for the Start :

1 h Vip just sitting 80.- for the Girl

1 h Vip + Prosecco 130.- for the Girl  ( Smallest )

1 h Vip + Magnum Bottle champange 380.- for the Girl (expensivest)

Information needed

Accommodation: directly above the bar
Club opening hours: Mondays -Thursday 20-4 and Friday 20-5 (5€ extra) Saturday 20-6 (10€ extra)
Days Dancers have to work: by arrangement
Dress code: at will
Lapdance / Table Dance Prices and commission for dancers: 30 Euro one Song 10 Euro for girl, 50 Euro two Songs 20 Euro for girl

How much do your dancers do? Per month – on average and at best?
Mininum / Maximum: different length of stay
New dancers welcome? (Any provided any training?)
Physical contact allowed? : no
Dancer own music selection ?: no
How many dancers usually work ?: 8-10
Type of customers: different

* Any additional information you wish to add will make your city attractive to work in *
(Events, sights, culture, etc.) .: the bar is located in the city center! the living rooms all have a balcony! There are also kitchen, gym, washing machine and dryer