We asked our colleague Eva to tell us more about herself, her work and experience in this industry. Eva has a lot of experience in this industry and even though from Europe, prefers the American system over Europian.

Our team started to do this segment for a couple of reasons. We hope to bring awareness to some truths and misconceptions in this industry while getting to know our colleagues a little bit better.

Listening to people is a skill.

 Do you have any specific memory of weird clients?

To tell you the truth, I think I have a sixth sense when someone who does not have good energy comes close to me. I always try to analyze people who want to have a conversation with me or vice versa, to know that he is a good person. I don’t want to have unpleasant surprises.

There always have been people who can give a good impression and later they are clients who have ways to make you feel bad. Luckily I have not lived risky and never had extremely bad experiences with clients in my place of work.

What is the weirdest wish form a client you have received?

(Laughs) A strange desire is something very difficult to catalog in my mind. For each person it is different. I always try to listen to their wishes within my limits of work, but it is true that for me, their wishes may sound strange, for them, that could be something magical. I never think that a client’s wishes may be strange desires in some way, just different desires.

Biggest tip?

The best tips I receive are always from my American fans. They know very well how to play the role of a client in a strip club. They love to wash dancers with dollars, and therefore my best Tips have always been from the American public.

What is the most embarrassing song you have ever danced to?

I can adapt to all kind of music because I am a professional dancer. All my years of Study dance, helps me to adapt to each type of music. In general, I choose the music before I dance, music that I have previously studied and I know the rhythm of the song perfectly. My advice as a professional is always to have your music prepared where you travel.

What would you change in this industry if you had a chance?

I would like the striptease industry in Europe to give a change to the American vision. Real strip clubs where dancers always receive thousands of dollars as a tip. Each show on the stage the clients will reward you with real money. They always do from my experience. The industry in Europe has a lot to learn from our American friends.

Which country do you think is the best to work in from your experience?

There are several systems depending on the country you travel, it also depends on what type of system the dancer feels better. I think it’s very complex, depending on many factors. I do not think I can answer very clearly because there are many countries that are good, knowing that the work system is very different between them.

 Do you have any fears and what would be the biggest one?

Yes, I have one fear … The day I will not be able to dance.

Your wildest dream?

I live my wildest dream every day!

 If you could leave only one advice to this world:

We are artists, we create the magic of eroticism. My advice is to always be a star that shines and always give place to other stars to shine with you.

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