Enezia have always been an absolute pleasure to work with. This kind and delicate human being thought us that strength comes from within and reminds us how important it is for dancers to feel comfortable in order to do their best job. Sometimes club owners can forget that good accommodation is a crucial piece for success in this business.

 Do you have any specific memory of weird clients?

I remember these type of customers, that got me sick! At the same time, when I manage to turn it to a positive angle, I feel proud of myself and more motivated to keep it up hustling!  Apparently, some clients have a different vision of this business, a different perception of who I am, when they see me. Some are confused, and tell me “Why are you here, you look so beautiful!”, they are convinced that I am kinda unhappy, that I have no other choice than to be here. Some clients think that they have the power to make me happy and strong woman, by telling me to quit my job. Some think of themselves as therapists or something and tell me what I should do with my life, others try to take me out after my shift to go at their places and accept to depend on them financially. These promises were sordid and degrading to who I am and what I stand for.

One customer took my hands like a friend, watch me in the eyes and said: “I know, I am telling you, you are going to be a better person, one day you are going through this, I see you are a beautiful woman outside and inside… stay strong!” They just think or pretend that I am in the worst situation of my life and that they are some kind of saviors to me. Usually, I just let it go, I smile, I keep it up playful.

I think that sometimes ignorance can be cute, it sounds they are caring or perhaps they are trying to seduce me, but the one who told me that “You are a slave and it’s miserable to end here, you can get a better job!” His energy was negative and I felt disrespected. I answered him: “Thank you for your concern, but guess what? I am my own boss, I wake up each morning I choose with whom, where, and how I am going to dress to work. Before I go to bed, I count how much I am going to put in my bank account, until my next holidays. I embody the independence and freedom to the excellence for a woman in our time, although the stereotypes clouds many minds, there is no one more intelligent and stronger than a pole dancer, stripper. Congratulations, tonight you are with one of them!” I was upset, but that’s part of this world, some of the customers are really ignorant. It reminds me why I am here, what I am worth.

Biggest tip?

 $ 200 in Los Angeles by a customer. It happens, you never know. There are customers who need nothing more than attention – someone sexy and nice to talk to after dancing on stage.

Your ideal client?

 The one who knows why he is here tonight. Open-minded, gentle, playful, and easy going! With this kind of customer, you can spend a good time while working.

What is the most embarrassing song you have ever danced to?

 When I started to dance in clubs, I was not that confident, so I was doing a little bit too much on stage – I went on Youtube for hours to find that «thong-song», that one kind of sex-appeal with ambiguous lyrics and fat old cheesy beat  «short d*ck short man» by Gilette.

You know when you dance in your bedroom it always sounds awesome, like you are going to kill it on stage, then I felt like *Dammn*, that’s not like in my bedroom in front of the mirror, I felt myself, so tiny and embarrassed with that song. But it’s a good souvenir to me, my first step was so funny as well.

What would you change in this industry if you had a chance?

 I would personally commit myself to invest in the well-being of dancers who travels around the world, to be housed in exceptional places, to preserve their privacy and mental health. For me, it is the only disadvantage that I meet currently – after my shift, all I need is to relax, to meditate, have a real break, to be alone sometimes. When I get ready before going to work, I love to have my space and, more importantly, I also like to keep it clean. I think I’m not the only one who wants it. Most of the places I went to were really nice, but you do not really know if your roommate wants to share the same values/hygiene … That would be the first change I would make if I had a chance, because the better dancers feel, the better they work for the club. At least I personally do.

Which country do you think is the best to work in from your experience?

 I have 3 countries in my mind where I would definitely like to return: Greece for the beautiful islands and lovely people. Los Angeles for the crowd and spectacle of money falling from the sky on the dancefloor. Helsinki for the warm and fraternal atmosphere, we get to know the place quickly and thus gain a lot of confidence at work. Three days of work can cover the whole week.

What do you appreciate from your employer/club you work in?

 I particularly appreciate when my employer does what it takes to have me safe in his workplace at 100% – I like if he is watching over each dancer to make sure the rules are respected, so we all get more respect from customers, and to each other as dancers. It also provides more communication between the staff and dancers, that allows us to work together in the best conditions possible.

The best club you have worked in so far?

 Los Angeles & Helsinki

The worst place to work in?

 London, I can’t remember the name of the club, we were like 30 dancers, and there were only 3 to 4 customers per night. Imagine the kind of atmosphere, when each dancer were like: I need my 200 tonight.

How do you prepare for a shift?

 My preparation is a ritual. That is all about organization, time and space, music in the background or the TV on – I need everything to be cleaned and tidy before I start the mess to get pretty and dressed up (laughs). I always give myself a good 2 hours for that. I dine very early and light in the evening, then I shower, do my make up, fix my hair, and get dressed 20 minutes before leaving – when I come early at the club and there are no customers (it happens), I exercise some moves at the pole on stage to warm up my body.

Do you have any fears and what would be the biggest one?

It’s a good place to work, we have bodyguards, a very strict employer with regulations, but is it because I’m French in a tragic time (for France), that sometimes I’m afraid a crazy person enters the club with guns and a tragedy happens. I always manage my thoughts to be positive in general, but that would be my biggest fear ever.

Your wildest dream?


Can we ask you to give advice on 3 most important things for dancers who have just entered this industry? 

  1. Eat healthily, drink a lot of water, sleep 8 hours minimum per day, exercise a few minutes when you can.
  2. Treat yourself like you want to be treated. Choose clothes in which you feel the most comfortable and sexy. Do not compare yourself to other dancers, instead get inspired to give the best of you.
  3. We all have a different type of beauty, a personality that is our own. It is an asset to work and focus on. When you start and need confidence, keep this in mind: there is no (real) competition when you know yourself and stay real to yourself. There is always a client who is looking for a different kind of person, that’s why it’s important to keep this state of mind.

Advice for new dancers how to overcome fear and stress?

Remind yourself why you decided to dance in a club, to be a stripper (you might have a good and positive reason that motivates you). Turn your thoughts into positivity mode – if you can’t handle your stress, feel free to introduce yourself to the other dancers for a drink to open up a conversation – usually we are very supportive to each other.

We all have been beginners, so we all had that dancer who told us, how to do and what to do when we felt insecure or stressed.

If you could ask one question to other dancers, what would it be?

 What do you say and what do you do to your customer in order to make him extend the private show all night long!? (laughs)

That’s the taboo. We all have our secret thing, but we all are curious, we wanna know the secret of other dancers!

If you could leave only one advice to this world:

 Know your own limits and don’t go beyond them for anyone, any customer. Do not copy other girls either (only if it’s to get better moves on stage, we all do that). Stay yourself, be right to yourself.

What do you expect from an agency you are working with? What are the most important things in an agency for you personally?

 Communication. Sometimes it’s not easy to say simple things. It happens to me sometimes that in front of the owner I can’t tell him everything I need. I might be quiet and polite and sometimes I feel like I handle too much at some point, so it’s very, very nice to have you guys! Even to complain about simple things, so we feel that we are not alone. We feel supported.

I appreciate that you guys have always been there for me.


 You can follow Enezia and her work on:

Instagram – @sixbillionofme


  • Is there any Instagram account you would suggest other dancers follow besides yours?