The club is a clean full nude striptease club, not an escort club. It is the oldest club in Norway and it is known as the best Throughout Scandinavia. It has been for over 30 years and is still just popular as always. With us, you must be aged 20 or over to work as a dancer. We have renovated our club in January 2012.

They have regular customers and visitors, customers can order lap dances or a private dance, one can also sit and enjoy the champagne with our dancers. Our social environment is important to keep the club’s reputation, it is an important foundation for our club. Our clients have rules to follow in the same way that our artists have. The general rule is LOOK BUT DO NOT TOUCH / NO SEX – No dating with customers outside the club! – No phone contact with customers and meeting outside or any personal info trade. Dancers are obligated to follow club rules & apartment rules in all times These rules are written in the clubs wall & apartment’s wall.


Whether you are an experienced dancer or a total beginner, we would like to see you. If you are accepted and have the qualifications that are required for our club Then training will be given for two weeks & work will be given immediately. A contract will be made for 14 days & up to 30 days with 5 days’ tryout.
Read this it’s imported and it’s a must-have
all dancers need to bring with them at least 3-character costumes’ for their main stage performance(example) supergirl /wedding/baseball/ devil/ and on and on
The dancer must bring their own music on CDs or USB stick for shows & private dances.

Travel expenses

Air tickets paid from the Dancer Travel expenses can be deducted from the dancer’s tax with a receipt of their travel ticket Copy of Plane ticket/ receipt & copy of passport needs to be sent to us 2 weeks before booking a date.

How to get to the club

They do not provide a pick-up service from the airport. Direct train in to the central city Oslo S, or shuttle bus from Gardermoen Oslo airport to Oslo bus central Terminal and a taxi from there

Where you are going depends on your arrival time. Please let us know so we can give you further directions if you are going to the club or the dancer’s apartments. Please call when you arrive at Oslo airport Like we said if you have any further questions regarding directions we will be more than happy to assist you.

In this club you work as independent, you can make from 2000 Euro up to 8000 Euro so everything depends on how you present yourself and how you work. But we can assure you that you have come to the right club if you really want to do well. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


1. Self-employed/independent dancer
2. Professional dancer
3. Minimum 20 years up to 35 years
4. Slim body shape
5. English Conversational
6. GOOD level of understanding and talk.
7. Good communications skills,
8. Good self-confidence
9. Passport / ID only EU members (must have)
10. Swift code & I ban account in dancers’ name (must have)
11. Non-EU/EEA/EFTA passport holder must bring visa & work permit for Norway
12. Must not give any misleading information beforehand about themselves
13. Must send beforehand named photos no more than 30 days old photos
14. All dancers also must have Regular sexy outfits, long & short dresses. You will need to have at least 5 dresses per. Night
15. All dancers need to bring with them at least 3 fantasy character costumes for their main stage performance on Fridays & Saturdays (example) supergirl /wedding/baseball/ devil/ and on and on
16. The dancer must bring their own music on USB stick for shows

Work conditions

31. Working days (6, Sunday off)
32. Working hours (6,5h)
33. Location (Oslo)
34. Country (Norway)
35. How many days’ dancer must work in your club? (2 weeks or more)
36. Club working system? (Private dance, lap dance, bachelors show, champagne)
37. salary in club (No)
38. floor fee (No)
39. Dancers tip (100% to the dancers, tips by credit cards are not accepted)
40. Guarantee (yes 600 kr a working day) Guarantee is calculated in how many working days’ dancer stays I.e. for 4 weeks 14400kr, for 2 weeks 7200kr (Local tax will be deducted from this amount) Guarantee is calculated at the end of the stay Our guarantee is only paid if the dancer Does not make a higher amount in commission, if higher than the guarantee the commission is the only payment, made to the dancer. If the dancer does not meet our standard during the first 6 days, the dancer will be sent home

41. How often dancers receive money (monthly)
42. Payments is made (through money transferred to the bank account)
43. Dances that customer pay for (private dance 1600kr, lap dance 600kr, bachelors show 1800kr)
44. dancers receive from dances performed (lap dance 50%, private dance 37,5%, bachelors show 50%)
45. How long do dances last? (lap dance 3,5m, private dance 8m, bachelors show 8-10m) 46. All dances (Fully nude)
47. Earnings from drinks? (piccolo 100kr, champagne 300kr,600kr,800kr,1000kr)
48. Stage show? (main stage & tip stage)
49. How many times per night? (5 -7)
50. Topless or fully nude (main stage 1 min nude & tip stage topless)
51. How many songs (2)
52. Dancewear code (Long or short, lingerie professional dancer dresses to wear in the club, and at least 3 Fantasy costume.
53. Any special theme nights (Fridays & Saturdays 3 fantasy costumes, 1 fantasy show each dancer)
54. Is it smoking in the club? (No only outside)
55. Do you provide accommodation for the girls? (yes sharing apartments) 56. How much does it cost? (600kr a week)
57. How far away from the club is it? (10min walk)
58. Is it fully furnished? (yes)
59. Internet? (yes)
60. pick up from the airport? (No)
61. club pays airfare ticket for dancers? (No)
62. Airfare ticket for dancers? (Travel expenses can be deducted from the dancer’s tax with a receipt of their travel ticket) Copy of Plane ticket/ receipt & copy of passport needs to be sent 2 weeks before the booking date.
63. all dancers pay taxes? (15 % of all income) tips are not included
64. all payments between 1th to 1th of the month is done every 10th day in the month

Basic rules

66. Use of drugs and abuse of alcohol is not allowed
67. It is not allowed to have sex with customers inside or outside the club
68. No dating with customers outside the club!
69. No phone contact with customers or any personal info trade
70. Dancers are obligated to follow club rules & apartment rules in all times
71. These rules are written in the clubs wall & apartment’s wall

Conditions for – BAR & NIGHTCLUB ·

Work week is 6 workdays and 1 day off.
· 7 days open, work hours ​21:00-03:30​ .
· No dating with customers outside the club! No phone contact with customers and meeting outside
· Dancing on stage – every 10 minutes one Dancer on stage – 2 songs, 1st song dressed, second song topless and last 15-20 seconds full nude.
· Dancer’s earns from dances and drinks.
Full nude 10 min private dance – price for customer 1000 NOK, Dancer gets 30% what is 300 NOK.

Full nude table dance 1song – price for customer 400 NOK, Dancer gets 50% what is 200 NOK.
· Drinks – consumption: „Lady drinks“ (non-alcohol) price for customer 300 NOK, Dancer gets 30% what is 90 NOK.

Wine (prices for customers 600 NOK and up) and champagne (prices for customers 2600 NOK and up), Dancer gets 20%.
· No tips collecting
· No fixed salary.
· Accommodation and lift to/from work – free, 2-3 girls in a bedroom.
· Salary payment in Bank at the end of the contract (Dancer Should have Own bank account from Residence country), Dancers can get a small advance for food and running costs, advance collected from salary.
· We can pick the dancers from Bussterminal(Oslo) and Central Station(Oslo)
· Dress code – long dress, sexy, elegant, high heels, makeup, and hair in proper condition

· Club guarantees that Dancer who is able and willing to work will earn from drinks and dances minimum 400 NOK (approx 50 EUR) as average per workday, if due to business being low (not enough spending customers) Dancer earns less than 400 NOK as average per workday then Club pays the difference. The average is calculated with a number of workdays Dancer has during her one-time contract. 2 sample calculations: Sample 1) If Dancer has a contract of 6 workdays then her total earning during the contract should be not less than 6 x 400 = 2400 NOK. If on 2 days she earned 1000 NOK per day and on 4 days 0 NOK per day then she has earned 2000 NOK club pay the balance of 400 NOK