This club in Malta is open every day with working hours of 22:00 – 6:30, but it also depends on how many clients are in the club. Dancers must work 5 or 6 days per week. The minimal duration of the contract is 1 month.

The club system is private lapdance.

Dancers have a fixed salary of 35 euros per working day but must make a minimum of 500 euros per week on lap dances to get a fixed salary. Dancers get their salary weekly.

They have various prices for lapdances, but the minimum is 20 euro and is split 50/50 with dancer and the club.

One dance is one song, which is about 3 minutes. They have topless and nude private dances.

Dancer receives 1 euro per drink, 2 euros per glass of house champagne., 20% from a bottle of our house champagne and 10% for any bottle.

The stage dance is 3 songs per set and it is NOT done nude nor topless. Dress code is a bikini or sexy dress and sometimes they have some theme nights.

They also provide accommodation for the dancers which costs 10 euros per day and will be deducted from dancers’ weekly salary. Accommodation is located within 10-minute walking distance and is fully furnished with internet.

Dancers are picked up from Airport without any charge.

Dancers from outside of the EU are also accepted.