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Average earning potential is 5’000 euros per month before expenses. This club does not provide accommodation but can help to find one for rent.

Dances are ¥7,000 (55 euro) (if cash).

Credit card ¥6,300 (50 euro) per song. Champ ticket is ¥5,000 (40 euro) per song. (10% tax after the first ¥35,000 (280 euro) paid out per week for card and champagne tickets). Songs are 4min.

Payment for card and champagne tickets is paid on the next week Friday.

The club is open 6 days in the week from 7 pm, Closed on Sunday.

Dancers on the stage wear Bra and Panties, Private is topless, touch is allowed.

Accommodation/meals are not provided but can be arranged. No transfer from the airport, but we will help you to find the best route on public transportation. Flight tickets are not credited. The visa arrangement is made independently.

The club is open 6 days a week. Dancers can take extra days off if needed. Opening hours from 19:00- with an average of a 6-8 hour shift. After work, they can go to our karaoke bar and earn on consumption as well.