Salary is 50€ / Day

We are open From 8 p.m. – 4 a.m. monday – thursday / 8 p.m. – 5 a.m. fridays / 8 p.m. – 6 a.m. saturdays

The Flat is above the Club an connected with the Club with stairs.

The prices for Private Dance, Tabledance and Drinks :
30.- for the Cocktail you get 10.-

50.- for one private Dance you get 20.-

50.- for a stage Show 2 Songs you get 20.-

50.- for an Tabledance 2 Songs you get 20.-

180.- for a bottle of prosecco you get 50.-

350-. For a bottle of Champagne you get 75.-

390.- for a bottle of moet Champagne you get 80.-

490.- for a bottle of moet Rosè you get 100.-

500 .- Vip Lounge with bottle prosecco you get 150.-

For the VIP Lounge area:
The Girls get 80.- for just sitting with the costumer there.

Than ist up to the Girls what They can earn.
The costumer can Order extra Lapdances, bottles or Cocktails.

The Girls can also Start with an bottle Champagne, if the costumer orders the VIP Lounge with the cheapest bottle Champagne than the Girls Start with 155.-, there is no Limit.

Example for the Start :

1 h Vip just sitting 80.- for the Girl

1 h Vip + Prosecco 130.- for the Girl  ( Smallest )

1 h Vip + Magnum Bottle champange 380.- for the Girl (expensivest)

Information needed

Accommodation: directly above the bar
Club opening hours: Mondays -Thursday 20-4 and Friday 20-5 (5€ extra) Saturday 20-6 (10€ extra)
Days Dancers have to work: by arrangement
Dress code: at will
Lapdance / Table Dance Prices and commission for dancers: 30 Euro one Song 10 Euro for girl, 50 Euro two Songs 20 Euro for girl

How much do your dancers do? Per month – on average and at best?
Mininum / Maximum: different length of stay
New dancers welcome? (Any provided any training?)
Physical contact allowed? : no
Dancer own music selection ?: no
How many dancers usually work ?: 8-10
Type of customers: different

* Any additional information you wish to add will make your city attractive to work in *
(Events, sights, culture, etc.) .: the bar is located in the city center! the living rooms all have a balcony! There are also kitchen, gym, washing machine and dryer

Location: Hannover Germany

Club program:
Opened from: 20:00 until 4:00
Friday 20:00-05:00
Saturday 20:00-06:00
Monday closed.

-Private Apartment, 2 min by walk, max. 3 girls in one room for free, wash machine, wifi etc.

The dancers have to buy their own ticket(airplane/bus/etc.)

Minimum age 18 years
Communicative, serious minded and ambitious
Pleasant appearance
Minimum of english or german language

Daily fix is 50€ , just Friday is 55€ and Saturday 60€, but the girls will receive all of it in their last day of work, only commissions will be paid every day after work.
Private dance:25€(one song) for the girls 10€
VIP Dance:50€(two songs) for the girls 20€
Table dance:50€ for the girls 20€

Little Cocktail:15€ for the girls 5€
Big Cocktail: 30€ for the girls 10€
Piccolo:30€ for the girls 10€
Sekt Bottle:180€ for the girls 50€
Champagne: cheapest is 300€ for the girls 75€
Prices between 300€-850€
V.I.P: 30 min 120€ for the girls 50€
1 hour 200€ for the girls 80€
+ commission % from drinks

Tip money: 50% and the guests can buy house dollars for the girls and they can give them during the stage show or/and after it.

Dress code:
Dancers must be dressed in sexy outfits( lingerie, body, long/short dresses, etc)

Documents: valid ID or passport


Open daily:

Monday – Wednesday from 9 pm till 5 am

Thursday –from 9 pm till 7 am

Friday, Saturday- from 9 pm till 8 am

Sunday- from 9 pm till 5 am


The club provides accommodation which is 10€/night. It is close to the club at 10 minutes by tram. Rooms with 2-3 beds, Wi-Fi, fully equipped kitchen.


The dancers have to buy their own tickets. (Plane/bus/etc.)


• Minimum age 18 years,

• Pleasant appearance,

• A minimum of English,

• Communicative, serious-minded and ambitious.


The dancers receive a fixed salary: 50 Euro.


Commissions for the drinks:

The dancers receive from champagne and cocktails 25% with a credit card and 30% with cash payment.

Commissions for the dances:

Dancers receive 50% of lap dance and dollars

Lap dance 50€ (25€ for the dancer)

A dollar=1€ (50 cents for the dancer)


Pole dancing on the stage ( 3,4 times/night, 2 songs per dancer, lap-dance, private dance and hostess ( sitting at the table with customers ).

Additional Information:

Topless dancing on the stage.


Sunday to Wednesday 21:00 – 05:00

Thursday to Saturday 2 Shifts: 20:00 – 06:00 or 22:00 – 08:00


The Stripper has a fix of €50 /day. More the Stripper earns €25 tips from each private-dance ( the private-dance cost €50 ) and 30% tips from the drinks, also the Dancer keeps ½ tips money from stage Dollars ( €0.5 from each Dollar ). Salary is paid at the end of the Contract, money from drinks, dances, tips every week or every day can also be arranged.


No special instruction. High Heels, sexy lingerie and for every day different clothes.


To be 18+ • Nice and friendly personality • Language Skills: German or English • Slim / sporty look • Girls should be model-like.

good communication skills, good self-confidence.

beginners are welcomes, training can be provided.


According to the arrangement


After you send your application the dancer agency will let you know


Club Accommodation: It is at the club, costs 10 Euro per day. Here are 2 to 4 Bed Rooms.

Central Position, new furnished, TV’s, Internet, washing machine.


Transport is supported by the dancer. At the destination, the club driver will wait for you. Alexia Jobs Agency will inform the Club about your arrival and give you the name and phone number of the person who will meet you in Munich.

Location: Germany/Peiting (around 75 Km from Munich) CLUB DETAILS:

MELODY BAR Peiting Famous & Germany’s oldest Club! Since 1954!


Monday until Sunday: 21.00 – 05.00, daily open!!!

During working hours max. 2 artists are allowed to be in the dressing room and the other artists have to stay in the club area. Stage shows 2 Songs, only Topless at the Stage! Mobile phones are not allowed in the Club if the customer coming!


Only € 50/week! Apartments are in the same house on 1.floor! Free use Internet/WLAN, every room having refrigerator, 1-2 rooms having TV, Deposit for key € 50. We take Deposit because we want the Girls to take care of it. Taking care and being clean the rooms. They have to pay the deposit within 2 days after beginning and they will get it back on their last night.


The dancers have to buy their own tickets. (Plane/bus/etc.)


• Minimum age 18 years, Citizen oft the European Union (EU)

• pleasant appearance,

• a minimum of English,

• communicative, serious-minded and ambitious.


Fix salary Tuesday until Sunday daily € 40 or € 50 depending on which consummation percentage the Girls choose!

Monday’s  no fix is 50% from what she make in Drinks, private and dollar

All other days 30% for consumption + 50%  for private Dance + 50% for Dollars (if choosing € 40/day) or

all other days 25% for consumption + 50%  for private Dance + 50% for Dollars (if choosing € 50/day)

Girls get the commission of Drinks, Dollars and private Shows daily (next day).

The salary the girls get the end of the contract. But if they need urgent money they can ask for a 20% payment in advance.

All taxes and insurance (health, pension, etc.) will be paying through Club for the Girls!

We are working absolute clean with all registration papers!


Commissions for the drinks:

The girl gets 20 or 30% of all drinks.

Price from Drinks;

Piccolo for € 25

Champagner Piccolo for € 50

or bottles for € 150 /250 /395 /496/695 or 1.495.

Commissions for the dances:

The girl gets 50% from dances:

Price from dances:

Short private dance (4 minutes): € 25

Long private dance (7 minutes): € 40

Commissions for Dollars: 50%

Dress code:

We expect perfect hair and Makeup. Sexy Dress code.


Passport/ ID.for dancers from the EU

Munich is the capital of Bavaria. With approximately 1.5 million inhabitants, it forms the center of the metropolitan region of Munich (around 6 million inhabitants) it is the most populous and largest city of Bavaria. Munich belongs to the world’s most famous cities. Economically, it is one of the most successful and fastest-growing cities in Germany, and the seat of numerous corporations and insurance companies. It is also one of the major financial centers worldwide. In the worldwide cities rank, Munich occupied second place in infrastructure and the fourth place in quality of life. Within Germany, Munich is considered to be the most favorable city. Because of a large number of historical buildings, international sports events, exhibitions, plenty of Trade Fairs and congresses and the well known „Oktoberfest“, it is attracting millions of tourists every year and make Munich to be the best Table Dance Destination in Europe and one of the bests worldwide.

Travel: Self-financing with an airplane, bus or train

Club type: Table Dance Club

Working system of the Club:
Pole dancing on the stage (3 – 4 times/night), 2 songs per dancer, lap-dance, private dance and hostess (sitting at the table with customers).

Club-Opening Hours:
Sunday to Wednesday: 20:00 – 05:00
Thursday to Saturday: 2 Shifts: 20:00 – 05:00 or 23:00 – 08:00
Oktoberfest Time: (21.09.2019-06.10.2019) every day 2 Shifts: 20:00 – 05:00 or 23:00 – 08:00

Club Accommodation: Is at the Club
Costs 10 Euro per day.
Here are 2 to 4 Bed Rooms.
Wifi, washing machine, bedsheets, cooker/oven
Ask for pictures of the accommodation!


Daily Salary is 50,- EUR fix
Oktoberfest Time: No Daily Salary

Drink consummation: 30% cash payment & 25% credit card
prices start from 100,- EUR 7400,- EUR

Private dance: 50%
The dancer gets 25,- EUR (5 min. dance)
Oktoberfest Time 30,- EUR (4 min. dance)

The dancer gets 0,50 EUR from a dollar

Dress Code:

Monday: White Innocence (white and sexy)
Tuesday: Masquerade Style (Corset, Stockings, Mask)
Wednesday: Sexy & Elegant (Evening or Cocktail Dress)
The rest days no special Dress Code.
High heels and sexy outfits every day are obviously.


– Age: over 18 years
– Enjoyable and friendly personality
– communicative, serious-minded and ambitious
– German and/or Englisch speaking
– pleasant appearance

Additional Information:

The dancer is a self employer.
Each dancer should be able to present a business license and
tax ID as well as accident and health insurance.
Should this not be the case, we can help you to organize all working legal documents.
The business registration costs uniquely € 45.


Opening Hours:
Sunday – Wednesday: 9 pm – 5 am
Thursday: 9 pm – 7 am –
Friday – Saturday: 9 pm – 8 am

Number of Dancers working:

Sunday – Wednesday: around 8 Dancers
Thursday: 2 Groups (different starting time) between 10-12
Friday – Saturday: 2 Groups (different starting time) around 16

Payment Conditions

1) Fixed salary: Sunday till Wednesday 50EUR, very strong days: Thursday, Friday and Saturday none.
2) Variable salary: – Per Clubs Dollar 1̲ you get 50 cent – 1 private dance you get 20 EUR or 30 EUR (payment with card or cash) – Champagne bottles you get 22,5% or 32,5% of the sales price. (payment with card or cash)
3) ͌ Plus! You get a regular German employment contract. – That includes when you work in our club, your salary is net and the taxes are already paid by us! – You have German social insurance including: – health insurance ( you can go for free to the doctor, medicine and so on) – pension insurance ( you get money when you retire from work, also when you live outside of Germany) – care insurance ( if you have an accident or get really ill and you need care personal) – accident insurance – unemployment insurance

If you want you can live in our Dancers apartment. Costs: 10 EUR rent per day (you only pay the workdays when you get a fixed salary). For example, you work Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday you pay for the week only 20 Euro (Monday, Tuesday).

̯We can help you with the following:
Working papers: 85 EUR – Registration: free

Models Application for work

Contact Lifestyle Agency and ask them to send your application. 2 working days will be probation time (check) – If you and we agree, then first working period will be between 2 and 4 weeks.

• The apartment is 140 square meters with 3 rooms, in each room, will stay between 2 and 4 dancers, 2 Toilets with 2 showers, a kitchen, and the Internet. The Appartement is situated approximately 7-10 min away from the club.


Sunday till Thursday from 9 pm -‐ 4 am. Friday and Saturday from 8 pm -‐ 5 am. Dancers are expected to arrive at work latest at 8.30 pm.


Fixed payment 50,- € each work night (including social insurance under German law)

Short contract 5-6 day 70,- € each work night (no insurances)

Options to choose from: 

1.  30 % Drink / 30% Private Dance  or  2.  20 % Drink / 40 % Private Dance

PAYMENTS: Club pays at the end of the contract/month.  Advance 1 x weekly possible. Amount after agreement.   

MINIMUM CONTRACT TERM: The minimum is usually 2 weeks, but sometimes the club has special offers when they accept 1 week.   

ACCOMMODATION: Club guarantees accommodation for free and it is in a few minute’s walking distance from the club. All dancers who live in the club’s apartment are pleased. The apartment is with all comforts. Living conditions in the apartment are very good.

DANCE SHOWS ON STAGE: Dance shows on stage are topless (not full striptease). Club has a non-‐stop dance program and there is a plan in which order dances perform. How many dances during the night it depends on different circumstances (for example, if dancer drinks champagne with the VIP guests, then she can’t dance at the same time, so another dancer takes her place in the dance plan). Usually, there is 1 dance show on stage per every 30 minutes. Dancer always performs 2 songs (approx. 7 min), after two minutes show should be topless.


SHOWER SHOWS: All dancers participate in a special shower show, without exception. Some work nights there is just one shower show per night, some nights there can be more shower shows. The duration of the shower show is 5-6 minutes. Dancer is not obliged to participate shower show together with any male dancer or client. Shower shows are elegant-‐erotic, but never vulgar-‐pornographic. Please note: If the dancer refuses to take part in the shower show, the club reserves the right to reduce the fixed payment by 50% or to terminate the dancer immediately.

CLIENTELE AND WORK SYSTEM: The clientele between Monday and Thursday are less than on the weekend, but most businessmen (good clients for consummation). Work is focused more on sales (consummation) of champagne than on private dance, so elegant communication and entertainment must be offered. Incomes during these days are always different. On the weekends club becomes almost always full of customers, mostly party people (stag parties), but also few businessmen, so in the weekend’s work is focused more on private dances, but also on champagne. Weekends require good shows and entertainment, but also elegant communication. Club’s work system is based on active and entertaining communication with the club customers. Dancers and their shows must be cheerful and inventive. Interesting different costumes, choreography, theme-‐shows and individual shows are warmly welcome.   

APPEARANCE AND DRESS CODE: Appearance -‐ groomed body, hair, nails (manicure, pedicure) and bright makeup. Dress code -‐ about 3 different costumes (changes per night) for the stage shows, about 2-‐3 cocktail dresses (club prefers short dresses, but also sexy long dresses can be OK) or costumes for communication with clients, 2-‐3 pairs shoes (Striptease Shoes) and 2-‐3 costumes for the private and table dances. It is the minimum if the dancer has a larger professional wardrobe that would be perfect.   

TERMINATION OF DANCER’S CONTRACT: If a dancer breaches the conditions and rules or deliberately fails to meet the requirements club is entitled to terminate your contract unilaterally. Also, a contract may be terminated by the club unilaterally if the club has warned the dancer regarding her mistakes, but the dancer ignores the warnings and does not correct her mistakes. Hereby few examples of requirements unfulfillment of which may be read as a mistake (not complete list): -‐ during dance shows dancer has to smile; -‐ dancer has to avoid discontented expressions and sad face in presence of customers; -‐ dancer must not be drunk; -‐ dancer must not use drugs (any serious suspicion of using drugs is a major problem); -‐ dancer must not skip her stage shows and shower shows; -‐ dancer’s skills, shape (fitness condition) and motivation must be good enough to be able to perform shows in accordance to club’s standards; -‐ if there is at least 1 client in the club, then all dancers must be in the club on the dance floor (not to “hide” in dressing room or smoking);

-‐ dancer must do her best efforts to be friendly, smiling, talkative (quality of communication plays an important role) and entertaining with each client;

-‐ dancer should spend as little as possible time alone and should be as much as possible with the customers; -‐ dancer should avoid any racial or physical antipathy and has to show respect towards every guest, regardless of the financial situation of the customer; -‐ dancer may not have any sexual contact with the clients in the club and beyond the club, prostitution and all kinds of sex affairs with clients are strictly forbidden; -‐ dancer must stand for club’s good name and reputation, it is not allowed to damage club’s image and reputation by making negative statements (for example it is forbidden to speak to clients or in their presence that dancer’s salary is little, that there are not enough clients, etc.) or by speaking about sexual services (for example it is forbidden to speak to clients or in their presence about any sexual services, to offer any sexual services, nor to mention any other dancers offering sexual services, etc.); -‐ dancer must never cheat customer.           

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE: Club guarantees and perform that dancer work in the Club is clean, safe and legal, there is no prostitution nor escort service in the Club, it is forbidden to touch (paw), insult and harass the dancers.