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The club is open every day from 9 pm to 6 am. The contact for dancers from EU countries starts from 2 weeks. For non-EU dancers, the minimum contract is 3 months. 

Requirements for dancers:

1.  Age 18-35 years old 2.  Pleasant appearance  3.  English language  4. Positive attitude  5. The concept of this place is a show club, so the ability to dance on the pole is important. 6. Attending rehearsals or training on the pole if necessary. 

Accommodation: The main place of residence for the period of the contract for the dancers is Tallinn, Estonia. The apartments are located within walking distance from the club (1 min), in a nearby building in the old town – the historic center of Tallinn.

In one room living 2-3 dancers. The cost of accommodation is 250 euros per month, plus utilities. Utilities from 30 to 80 euros, depending on the time of year. Bed linen and towels are not provided, you need to have your own. The apartment has everything you need for living: furniture, Ironing Board, clothes dryer, iron, refrigerator, stove, oven, microwave, washing machine, kettle, dishes, etc. For the apartment, there is a key Deposit of € 50 (refundable when you are leaving)   3. Travel expenses.

The club doesn’t pay the dancers travel expenses. But there is compensation for air, railway or bus ticket up to 200 euros if the contract is for 3 months.   

Taxes.  For dancers from EU countries, there are two options:  – to work in the club you need to register your own company, in this case, all the money earned in the club is transferred to your account.  – You get a job in the Agency for the contract period, in this case, you will need to pay tax (about 350 euros per month) 

Dancers income:  Income from the crazy menu (private dances, exemption from participation in the show program,  etc.) – 40%.  The cost of private dance – from 50 euros up to 100 euro (10 min) Commissions for drinks, food, shisha- from 20 to 40%.  Prices for drinks start from 25 euros for a small cocktail to 1000 euros for champagne. Cocktail (N/A) 25 eur – 10 eur for dancer  Cocktail (N/A) 50 eur- 20 eur Small champagne (N\A) 35 eur- 10 eur  Cognac 40 eur- 13 eur From all bottles of champagne (90 euro up to 1000 euro)- 20% Tips-50% of the club dollars ($1 – 4 euros).  Tip in cash-100% for dancers  For the dancers who: earn a total 4000 euros and above – will receive 50% of the crazy menu Earnings from 5000 euros-the employer pays for dancer accommodation  Earnings from 6000 euros-the employer pays taxes  Accordingly, the more you earn, the fewer expenses you have. When you earn 6000 eur or more- accommodation and taxes will payed by the club. 

Dancers without experience: We don’t usually hire girls with no experience. It is possible as an exception if you have an attractive appearance, and working conditions, in this case, will be discussed individually.   

Notes: The system of work is open, but there are restrictions on meetings with customers of the clubs.  The apartment has a check time-day off you need to be there no later than 2 am, in some cases you can come later by agreement with the Manager.  Drug use and sexual services are strictly prohibited. For violation of these rules, there is immediately fired.  In the club is non-alcoholic and alcoholic consummation. The stage show is topless, private shows are fully naked.