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This club is working all year, 365 days. 

The company pays for work permission and also company pays for accommodation in the city center

Fixed salary is 40-45€ everyday

Percentage of drinks: Cristal champagne 210 € Don Perignon Champagne 100 € Moet champagne 45 € Small Moet 10€ % of private dances: 15-20 € And they have 0.5 € of 1 funny money dollars.

In Sarajevo, food is cheap. The meal at the restaurant costs 3-5 €. Everything is quite cheap as well: manicure, pedicure, clothes and everything else, so living expenses are very minimal.

The club is quite big on 2 floors. Around 600 m2 and they have special force police on the entrance so it’s 100% secured and safe.