All Club with this company throughout New Zealand are 5-star Gentlemen’s clubs. These 5 star strip clubs provide an amazing environment for their dancers to work in. The nude female body is a beautiful, seductive and very classy image and exotic dancers can safely and comfortably work in a top-class environment where they can make great money and really enjoy the club at the same time.

They are all gorgeous upmarket clubs, in three of New Zealand’s busiest cities. Exotic dancers now have the choice of working in a number of clubs across New Zealand and we encourage our dancers to let us book you in for a working tour of all the clubs Christchurch/Auckland/Wellington.

• You get 50% of tip notes made • You keep 100% of all cash tips made

Prices in the club are as follows.. (Girls make 50% of this, 50% goes to club) 15 min touching girls get $100nz 30 min touching girls get $200nz 1 hour touching girl gets $400nz 1 hour penthouse girl gets $650nz


• Accommodation? – Shared accommodation supplied in a house, or your welcome to find your own (ask for more details)
• What days does the club operate and what times? – The club is open 7 days per week from 6 pm till 4 am
• What is the minimum number of days the girls can work? Can they work as much as they like? – Minimum 5 nights per week with two nights off, can do 6 if want to
• What are your dress regulations and are different outfits required on different nights of the week? – Matching and tidy bra and g-string set, other than that whatever they like.
• Do they keep all their tips? – Girls get 50% of tips, the club takes 50%. Girls keep all cash tips
• How many shows per stage rotation? – They can expect to dance once every 1-3 hours depending on the night and number of girls on and they do a 10-15 minute stage spot.
• What are your club fees? – We don’t have any club fees

1. You must be on time for work, this means on the floor ready to dance not arriving at the club.
2. Your personal hygiene, hair, and make-up must be full and bold.
3. The changing room must be tidy throughout the night.
4. No Cell phones on the floor. If you need to watch the time, ask bar staff or keep watch in a purse.
5. No moisturizer or fake tan (sugar baby etc) to be worn on stage. Spray tans are acceptable
6. Be ready to get on stage when you are rostered on. Or when you are told to by bar staff. 7. Drinking at work is a privilege, not a right 8. $2,500NZD fine if you are caught contacting/seeing a customer outside of work

We will pay the airfare costs. When you arrive we will take a $2000 bond from your first salary which will get reimbursed to you at the end of the 3 months when the contract is completed. If not completed we will keep your bond to cover your flights.